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This site is about old, mostly-defunct dining establishments in or around the City of Los Angeles.  I set it up in 2012 and the premise then was that it would feature little articles and artifacts about restaurants where I, a lifelong resident of L.A., remembered dining.

It was not intended to be about restaurants that you went to because, among other reasons, I had no memories or observations to share about them.  Some folks either didn’t read the page where I explained that, didn’t grasp the concept or didn’t care.  Every week or so, I receive at least one vituperative e-mail from someone who is livid that I’ve omitted some favorite eatery from their past.  Some act like I made a grievous factual error; like I’d set up a blog about everyone who was ever pitched for the Dodgers and been such a lunkhead that I’d left out Sandy Koufax.  Others respond like I’ve trashed their mothers by deliberately slighting a piece of their childhood.

So I’ve set up a forum called Your Memories.  It’s a place where you can write about restaurants you recall or ask questions about them.  Post them there.  If a good thread gets going about some restaurant, I may move the posts about it to a separate thread devoted to that eating spot.

Also: I occasionally get messages from the owners (or fans of) places that are or were currently open, objecting to their non-inclusion.  The heading on every page clearly says the site is about places that ain’t there no more but that seems to not matter to some.  The proprietor of one chain that’s still in operation was particularly irate that her restaurants weren’t included. Since then, several of her outlets have closed so it looks like she’ll get in here soon.

I’d rather you didn’t write about restaurants that are still in business.  There are plenty of sites about those places, including Yelp and Chowhound where you can argue ’til the Original Pantry closes about where to get the best pizza or burger.  I may delete message threads about the current dining scene.

Also, be patient if your write a comment and it doesn’t appear for a day or so.  This site gets “spammed” all the time.  Each day, I receive 100+ phony comments from non-existent people who plug online businesses and I have to separate the real posts from the robotic ads.  That’s why comments must be approved before they can read by anyone who comes here.  But we really do welcome your contributions.

You can reach me at me@oldlarestaurants.com. And you might want to drop by my main blog, newsfromme.com.  It’s about comic books and TV and politics and writing and cartoons and whatever pops into my mind when I should be working.

— Mark Evanier

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  • JAG says:

    What? No Pig N Whistle?
    Love the website. Thanks.

  • Wendy Baker says:

    Thank you for posting this website – I’ve so enjoyed the wonderful memories. I used to go to Hody’s Coffee Shop on Hollywood & Vine so I’ll keep checking back to see if anyone posts pictures, etc from there. Thank you again – love this!

  • Tom Delaney says:


    We lived in LA in 1973, Wilshire Center/ Ambassador/Brown Derby area, and are trying to remember some of our favorite restaurants there. Remember two Mexican restaurants, one near us, Third and Harvard, think it was Los Tres Hermanos, and further S on Western, El Cholo.
    The Boston Half Shell, in an office bldg. on Wilshire was a fave, along with a small hamburger joint close by, but off Wilshire; maybe between Wilshire and 6th, near the Brown Derby. Can’t come up with a name, though. It wasn’t even a “restaurant”, as I remember. More a diner, or lunch counter.

    If anyone can, please post it. One of the best burgers we’ve ever eaten, as we remember, anyway.

  • Kenneth Berrin says:

    Hamburger Handout was a fast food hamburger place. I remember one on Slauson. McDonald’s wiped them out when they started their ads for “100% beef. They targeted Hamburger Handout for mixing in that horrible filler that no body cared for or wanted in their burgers. What was that horrible filler that put them out of business…OATMEAL

  • lynn novak says:

    what happened to all the Jeremiahs restaurants throughout he Los Angeles area

    what happened to all the Jeremiahs’ restaurants in the Los Angeles area. I miss many of all the restaurants that no longer exist.

  • John Hindsill says:

    Just finished reading this article from Aug., 2000. Gives a bit more history of BRUNO’S and its demise. http://www.westsidevineyard.com/story-of-building/

  • John Hindsill says:

    RE: Bruno’s
    At this late date my memories are getting a bit hazy, which is why I like this site to remove the haze. My recollection is that Bruno’s began in a building that had been a donut shop, mostly takeout pizza, I think. Later it was replaced by a full on restaurant. It then closed for several years sometime in the ’70s. It was reopened, lasted for some years before closing for good.
    Maybe that someone else can be more definite on the timeline.

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