There were at least three M’Goo’s Restaurants — one in Pasadena serving the Cal Tech crowd, one in Westwood Village serving the U.C.L.A. crowd, one on Hollywood Boulevard serving transients and derelicts, some of whom had once been in the Cal Tech and U.C.L.A. crowds. All seemed dedicated to the proposition that pizza is best enjoyed when the music is so loud it makes the pepperoni curl. These were “party” places that I gathered had once been exclusively in Gay 90’s decor but by the time I visited the two I visited (Westwood and Hollywood), someone had given up and haphazardly slapped modern posters and decorations on top of the classic ambiance.

My memories of the few times I could stand to be in them is that they had sports on the TV, silent movies running on a screen and a music system cranked up way beyond Spinal Tap’s infamous 11. As if that and the mediocre pizza didn’t send you babbling into the streets, employees wearing straw hats would occasionally leap up onto the tables and lead everyone in singing a song other than the one currently coming through the speakers. Some claimed that if you listened hard, you could hear the sound of one M’Goo’s at both of the other M’Goo’s. They’ve all been defunct for several decades and I’m not sure I still don’t catch the occasional echo.

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  • Carol (Morgan) Rowan says:

    I want to say hello to the Bryman’s. Not sure if you are my old neighbors or their children. I am Carol Ann Rowan , Dot and Marty’s daughter, who used to babysit for your boys when you lived on Magnolia Blvd. I still have a treasured picture of Stevie.

  • Valinda S says:

    Does anyone know what occasion Mgoos used pottery of women’s slipper. A woman’s small heel shoe white with pink bow with Mgoos written on them They were made by Twin Winton Ceramics in San Juan Capistrano. Thanks.

  • Mark S says:

    Mamma Lucias – – a Granada Hills Italian restaurant and deli standard for over 50 years… not sure what happened? Family breakup/fight and quickly dissolved forever… Anybody know more?

  • Cynthia Shern says:

    I worked for M’Goos in the early 70’s. I remember the red and white nicely fitted uniforms and the fishnet stockings. It was all quite modest for the time.

    When I was there the piano player was named Rudy and he was really great. He got everyone singing and ordering pizza, drinking beer and well-tipping their waitresses.

    I was fired. Deservedly so. Sorry it was the best I knew how to do at the time.


  • Bob H says:

    I was in the Navy and went on liberty to M Goos on the blvd. My fellow sailor and I sang the theme song from “Oklahoma” as a guy named Ivan played the piano. We once sang to a pretty lady at a nearby table and Ivan told us afterwards that she was Cary Grants’ mistress ! We sang there so often that when we walked thru the door, Ivan would say,”My boys are here !”

  • Terri says:

    I have a sing a long sheet from Hollywood branch. Not sure what to do with it.

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