Your Memories 01

This is the place to discuss restaurants that the proprietor of this blog never went to and therefore cannot write about.  Comments about restaurants that are open and operating are discouraged.

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  • John Hindsill says:

    I vaguely remember Rudy’s from the 1950s, if it was on Crenshaw Blvd., somewhere around Santa Barbara (now MLK Blvd). I don’t remember our family eating there, but I know t was in business a long time.

  • Jeaneil bass says:

    I worked at Rudy’s Italian Inn in the in 1970s WAS A HOSTESS AND THEN A WAITRESS,WAS THERE WHEN HE PASSED AWAY Flo was my Boss,when Rudy passed his 2 sisters took over they left it open for a while but then sold it,kept the crew on unitl sold, and it was turned IN 2 A NITE CLUB,after that i never went back,but i will say it was a great place 2 work was the kind a place u would have no reason to leave the crew were great lots of laughs,no one ever got 2 know what any of the ingredients,in the food only the kitchen crew new, sure wish i knew how 2 find out where the crew members were,i never heard any 1 say any thing bad about our food,they would bring there own pans in 2 by the sauce Sundays were the busyest,

  • John Engstrom says:

    Ray asked:
    Does anyone remember what the name of the restaurant was that is now occupied by Killer Shrimp in the Marina?

    Answer: Waterfront Restaurant

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