Woody’s Smorgasburger

It was sad when they turned the last outpost of Woody’s Smorgasburger, down on Sepulveda just South of LAX, into an International House of Pancakes. Lo, how the mighty have fallen. In the sixties, there were Woody’s all over California, including a wonderful one in Westwood Village, a block or three from U.C.L.A., where I could often be found between (and once in a while, even during) classes. Woody’s was the first chain I know of where you could get a hamburger and then carry it over to a little self-service counter stocked with ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, salsa, barbecue sauce, etc., and do whatever you wanted to it. Today, there are chains aplenty like Fuddrucker’s that offer this but at the time, it was something rather special.

Woody’s burgers were pretty darn good too, with a nice barbecue flavor…and every Woody’s also had a “make your own sundae” bar: You could get an empty dish at the counter, fill it full of soft-serve vanilla ice cream, then slather it in a diverse selection of syrups and sprinkles and crushed nuts and such. My old comic club buddies and I would practically have a contest to see how much sundae we could get in one dish, building structurally-unsafe vertical arrays, then trying to walk them back to the table and devour the top stories before it all collapsed.

One of the guys once asked if he was allowed to put the toppings from the sundae bar on his burger or vice-versa. When they told him yes, he began speculating on what hot fudge or whipped cream would do to a hamburger, and whether the maraschino cherries would blend with the mustard or if he should leave the mustard off. Each visit to Woody’s, he’d say, “Next time, I’m going to try it,” but he never worked up the courage. Or wanted to spoil a good smorgasburger.

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  • The Management says:

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  • Bob in NM says:

    Whoa Phil-Thanks…per your description of a chicken broaster at HRiv, I’m faintly picturing one (but maybe not until early ’63) on the stainless steel counter near the RadarRange for baking potatoes to come out at 4:30) and above the stainless steel drawers wherein were kept the K-bobs/potatoes/steaks. Hmm, can’t remember if it was the Grillman or Saladman’s responsibility to get an order started. Say Hey nevertheless, ya gotta hand it to Mr. W. for not sitting on his laurels but experimenting with new stuff! Alas tho, who ever heard of any kind of chicken being a specialty in The Alps…LOL. Let us be thankful he never experimented with having us learn how to Yodel!!!!

  • Bob in the Village of Los Ranchos, NM says:

    Whoa Phil-Thanks…per your description of a chicken broaster at HRiv, I’m faintly picturing one (but maybe not until early ’63) on the stainless steel counter near the RadarRange for baking potatoes to come out at 4:30) and above the stainless steel drawers wherein were kept the K-bobs/potatoes/steaks. Hmm, can’t remember if it was the Grillman or Saladman’s responsibility to get an order started. Say Hey nevertheless, ya gotta hand it to Mr. W. for not sitting on his laurels, but experimenting with new stuff! Alas tho, who ever heard of any kind of chicken being a specialty in The Alps…LOL. Let us be thankful he never experimented, at least in my 9 months of appreciated employment before off to Kansas for more “education”, with having us learn how to Yodel!!!!

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    Bob in NM,
    The locator napkin proclaiming 7th year mixes several of Mr. Woods units along with IHOP units. Yes, you are right about some ” coming soon ” places which were ” IHOP sign ups ” that never saw the light of day.
    The Tustin unit came on line about 20 YEARS AFTER this napkin was printed.

    Culver City did not get chicken. Redondo Beach #2 had chicken because there was plenty of room on the line for it. ( poor selling item )
    The chicken was made in a counter top ” broaster ” unit which had the cooking oil under high pressure. A swing away cover was brought into place and locked down over the hot oil cooking reservoir.
    When I was running the cash register at #2 I had trouble remembering the menu prices for the chicken dinners as so few were ordered.
    That’s it Bob !

  • Bob in the Village of Los Ranchos, NM says:

    Re what’s where: T’would think Y’all have seen this ‘locator’ napkin http://tinyurl.com/4py8e5 . Not sure it clears or muddies the water…LOL There’s no “Tustin”. I’m drawing a complete blank: how was the chicken made at CC or Holly-Riv prior to summer of ’63?
    – Maybe some “Coming Soon” places never came?

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    I just used several map sites to check out the Vermont Ave Woody’s.
    The site looks to have been a great location.
    L.A. City College is a block or two to the south and there are hundreds of apartments to the east of Vermont. Plenty of business and industry in the area as well. Plus, the Gold Star Recording Studios were just two miles west on Santa Monica Blvd. How cool is that ?

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    Howard and all Readers,
    Looks like things are hopping again here. Fantastic !
    Howard, I think you just provided the answer to my question of where the Woody’s unit #5 was. Figueroa #4 was open in 1959, so this must have been the one that followed. We still are looking for #6.

    Howard, please tell us more of what the narrative in the ad has to say.
    This info is very, very cool. Thank You sir !

    Chris P. ,
    Just so I have a clear understanding about the Tustin store;
    Are you saying this unit was opened as a Woody’s Smorgasburger with same name and theme as the Original Culver City store….. including the charcoal broiler ?

  • chris p says:

    Chip is Mr. Wood’s son. Not sure where he is now but he did work for El Pollo Loco for a short time as an executive chef a few years back, that was in Tustin as well at our test kitchens. I saw him again with their family, Mr. Wood included, at Mr. Woods Restaurant The Admiral Risty, on the Palos Verdes peninsula.
    I believe Mr. Wood opened that store in Tustin with a real charcoal broiler.
    They had clear coffee cups if I’m remembering correctly. It was a long time ago, and I only saw it the one time.
    I don’t believe the store lasted too long, but, they did do a nice job on the building. Don’t know why they closed.
    I wish I had more info. for you, but keep following the Woody’s link, maybe someone will have more answers for you.

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    Hello Tam and all Readers,
    I must start by saying that I myself am totally unaware of the Tustin location. Several months ago, Marshall Loveday tipped us off about a Woody’s in the City of Orange. This was also a revelation to me.

    This is my current thinking ;
    Sometime during the mid to late 70s Mr. Wood allowed his two remaining leases to expire. These leases covered the Los Angeles store ( #4 ) and the Redondo Beach store ( #2 ). His unit in Westwood had already been sold to Steve Dabbs.

    I thought the above scenario was the absolute end to the Wood families involvement with the hamburger units. Of course they had the Risty and several other dining venues in the South bay area.

    So now I see comments about locations in Orange and Tustin which lead me to think the Woody’s name and theme was resurrected by or for the benefit of Chip Wood. Yes, he is the son of Ralph Wood, co founder of the Original Woody’s.

    If the above is correct, I would consider these units the ” third wave”.
    The first wave; inception in 1956 to mid 1970s.
    The second wave : IHOP partnership , 1963 to 1968
    The third wave ; Units operated and associated with Chip Wood and possibly other individuals with previous Woody’s experience.
    These units look to have been targeted for inland locations which were new to the Woody’s venue.

    I would really like to welcome back into our fold Mr. Gary Wilcut who is in the Brea area. I would ask him to visit the respective city offices to see if he can learn what had transpired from the city records.
    ( listed owners, dates of opening and closure ).

    Yes, I feel like a detective ……. and love it.

  • Howard says:

    For Phil (Mr. A)
    There was a Woody’s at 1027 N. Vermont Ave (at Santa Monica Blvd).
    I’m looking at their newspaper ad dated 1960. Plumbers found the paper today hidden in the ceiling of my house.

  • Tam says:

    I worked at Woody’s in Tustin 1982 to 1984 for Chip Wood. I don’t see any mention of that restaurant or Chip. I thought Chip was the owner’s son?

  • chris p says:

    I forgot to mention on my last comment that I had to remove the lower portion of the sign. I only kept the top yellow sign. It would have been much to big an out of proportion keeping the lower sign,
    Chris P.

  • chris p says:

    Regarding the large rotating sign in Culver City, I remember having to lower the sign and make the sign stationary (no rotating) according to the new city sign ordinance. I think I had to bring it down around 20 feet. I can’t quite remember but it was substantially lower. This was done in the early 80’s. I actually thought the sign was a little more appropriate for the area and the building.
    Eventually when we brought down the building in 1985 the sign had to go completely because the City now required monument signs on or near the ground. Which is what we did for the new restaurant.
    I remember seeing the guy totally underground in his bobcat trying to get to the bottom of the pole foundation to remove it. You couldn’t even see the top of the tractor when he was down there. I had to look down the hole to see him. Because of the height of the sign the base had to be really , really far into the ground. I have a picture of the guy in the hole in the bobcat somewhere but right now I have no idea. When, and if, I ever find it, I’ll sure share it and a lot more pictures as well.
    FYI, The fire station behind Culver City has been closed for a few years now and they just store old city equipment there now.
    Taht’s it for now.
    Take care,
    Chris P.

  • Bob in the Village of Los Ranchos, NM says:

    Hmmm…Richard Ingram at Hollywood Riv…maybe ’63? Kinda of a quiet shift manager, a bit nasal voice, with primly combed black hair and always diligent as compared to his more layed back Joe-football/surfer counterpart with blond/reddish hair…LOL?
    Hmmm, a Willie in CC?…nice Dude, but sometimes hung over and ‘always’ working the ‘back room’? Also, maybe a Sergio or was the name Felix with a cheery smile working the line giving me hints on slicing the Kaiser Roll…X2…when I had to sub from the Riv. Again, no one remembers a folding/pull down stairway to an office?
    Re your July query Phil about burgers elsewhere: when you and cohorts come out to New Mexico to explore Rt. 66 and/or in search of site locations for Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, you can use a freekin trail map to find New Mexican Green Chile Cheeseburgers!!!! http://tinyurl.com/pv6j2sl LOL, I forgot I wowed ’em about Woody’s in the Comment section….LOL Lest one should ask, here’s a mapping for Br Ba http://tinyurl.com/plpve6a which personally, I never watched…LOL
    – Yo Phil, you should figure out a way to have this always playing in the Blog’s background… http://tinyurl.com/k6rdtx5

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    I will let Chris P. answer Marshall’s question as to how long the sign was allowed to stay. Perhaps all the way to the sad day in 1985 when the stores demolition occurred.

  • Bob in the Village of Los Ranchos, NM says:

    Yes Phil, I stand corrected re my posting of 8/31/12! The from-the-street view of Hollywood Riviera’s Woody’s was more elongated with a ‘windowed’ wall with the entrance being on the westward end. If seated at a picnic table inside by that wall, there was a bit of view of the ocean across the tops of the village wherein there were shoppes like Kurt’s, which sold Scandinavian fine home accessories, and a tropical/South Seas themed restaurant. Don’t know how long this map http://tinyurl.com/l77geq9 will stay active, but here’s Woody’s on Vista del Mar where it meets PCH; Palace Verdeeez (as some might say) Blvd was on its backside. In my era the watchword was “Surf’s Up!” when the first “dinner” customer would come in after 4:30.
    Remember adding a splash of beet juice to make the lemonade pink?
    I can’t but help to think that Mr. W., being the astute businessman he was, would in today’s world have a bowl of chopped New Mexican Green Chile (not salsa nor jalapenos) http://tinyurl.com/medlrfk on the condiment bar, let alone some slices of CA avocado.
    Ron Chrisman(sp?), a tall lanky guy, was the manager, at least ’62-’63, and Mr. W. would drop in at least once a week. Above minimum pay was $1.32/hr.
    A See’s Candies was just up the street on PCH. Does anyone remember a narrow funky beer-bar on the way to Hermosa on the east side of PCH? Maybe a moose head adorned a wall and a ‘horn’ or something would sound when a gal would enter/exit Le Toilette. T’wasn’t it just about this time that another A-Frame was built as an IHOP on PCH in Hermosa Beach? My biggest regret was not staying in the area and buying up several of those tiny cottages along the Strand in Redondo, HB, MB to supplement my SS now…LOL

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    At the very top of the newer signs was a huge rectangle in yellow with a red script ; ” Woody’s” . Below that was a horizontal “rail” section which was at 180 degree angle to the above. One side of the rail had ” STEAKS ” and the other ” HAMBURGERS”.
    Both sections rotated together at the same speed.

    I think the morning shadow from this sign was cast all the way to the marina !
    Of note ; Mc Donalds was the first ” biggie ” to use the red and yellow combo on signs and etc. These newer Woody’s signs used the color combo as well. Wendy’s followed the same color formula starting with their very first units. Art and design schools do teach that red and yellow is the best combo for attention grabbing.

    Now close your eyes and imagine this sign soaring into a beautiful blue sky with just a few white clouds ………

  • Marshall Loveday says:

    I don’t remember that big sign at all, Phil. But then again, my detailed memories of Woody’s don’t start until 1969. Did the big sign stay?

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    Good afternoon Readers,
    I have a new Woody’s topic to discuss and it is not about salsa or peanuts.
    In 1966 Woody’s Culver City replaced it’s original road sign with a giant soaring road side sign that must have peaked at 100 feet !
    The signs main feature was that it also rotated.
    To this day I cannot fathom how the city fathers in the planning department gave the okay for this sign.
    If it blew over in a Santa Anna wind storm the folks traveling on Sepulveda would have been in serious trouble, or how about the folks inside enjoying a ” do it yourself sundae . ” ?

    This sign was so huge I bet the pilots coming into LAX used it as a homing beacon starting back in Phoenix !
    As for the cost , I would also bet it cost more than the restaurant in 1956.

    The sign must have proved to be of some benefit in sales because the Woody’s unit in Redondo Beach had the exact sign installed there.
    Again, what were the city fathers there thinking ?
    I remember some strong winds coming up Mar Vista !

    The Woody’s unit #4 on Fig. by USC may have had this sign installed there as well. I think it did ……. but NOT positive.
    Since our friend Mr. Chris Pingel owned and operated the Culver City store until 1985 , I now wonder if he has some interesting comments about
    his particular sign. Perhaps Chris wishes he had kept the sign but changed it out to feature the new El Pollo Loco banner.
    Such fun to think about all this stuff.
    Time for my lunch.

  • Marshall Loveday says:

    Sure, Phil! I just ‘officially’ retired, so I’m up for anything, as long as I save time for a couple of items on the ‘Hunny-do’ list! mloveday541@gmail.com

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    I would like to connect with you via your email regarding some issues I think you will be interested in. If you would like to proceed, please post your email address and I will contact you promptly.
    You are so right about the Matterhorn LOOKING great.
    When the completed sandwich was placed on the customers tray, well, it was like a work of art!

  • Marshall Loveday says:

    Hey Chris…we have a Don Knott / Woody’s connection! Working at Woody’s in Westwood, I found a GF working at the Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors around the corner. Also working at B-R 31 was Don Knott’s daughter. Gave her a ride home one evening…….

  • Chris P says:

    I remember seeing Rod Serling also. He did come in a lot. I also remember Don Knotts coming in. Once, when I was working drinks, he ordered a chocolate shake. I was so excited to see him that I tipped over the shake on his tray. I was so embarrassed. He was very nice about it, though.
    Another little story, sometimes when it was slow I would make a shake in the silver container for a customer, I would put the long white plastic spoon standing straight up in the middle of the shake. I would then cover it with whipped cream so you couldn’t see the spoon but it looked really funny a tall thin strip of whipped cream and then I would put a cherry half on the top and another spoon to eat it with. I would do it so the customer couldn’t see me then I would turn around and put it on their tray. People would stare and laugh because it looked so odd just one 5″ high thin strip of cream and a single cherry on the top, they’d wonder how I did that.
    Anyway, I had lots of fun.
    Hope everyone’s well.

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    My daughter Kate corrected me via her FB site.

    ” Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them. ”

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    Hello Chris, Marshall and all Readers,

    I always thought that the King Swiss on a full Kaiser roll was the better choice than the Matterhorn. The Kaiser roll was a nickel extra and we gave a Romaine lettuce leaf free to anyone who asked.
    The taste was the same and the sandwich was very easy to hold. Amen !

    The ribeye steak sandwich was a favorite of Rod Serling at the Culver City
    store. Rod did his TV work at the MGM studios which were just a couple of miles up the road. Rod was always happy to sign his name on a Woody’s napkin.

    A quote from Bob Dylan ; ” treasure your memories as they cannot be repeated”.

  • Marshall Loveday says:

    It looks to me Phil like the photographer took a bit of ‘poetic license’ in the presentation of the Matterhorn. The copy doesn’t exactly say what the burger is supposed to have on it. Here’s a link to the pic in question, conveniently copied to my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=679806352039309&set=a.437063499646930.110283.100000298509093&type=3&theater

    Phil – I never really appreciated the Matterhorn either. A bit to clumsy to eat, and it was kind of a pain to make on the grill, as well. It LOOKED great though!

  • Chris says:

    As far as I know there has never been a 3 patty Matterhorn.
    The Kaiser roll wouldn’t have worked the way we cut it.
    I remember seeing a full page color ad, I believe, featuring the Matterhorn in the Times or Examiner, maybe in one of their Sunday magazine sections. I remember seeing the piece of romaine the Swiss and American cheese, It looked so tempting. I think I’m going crazy.
    I did love those Matterhorns as well as the ribeye steak sandwich with AI sauce.
    Boy, those were the days.

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    Hello Chris P. and all the fans of Woody’s.
    I hope this note finds everyone well and happy. Except for the Dodgers loss.
    This is what brings me back this morning;
    A seller on Ebay ( under Woody’s Smorgasburger ) is listing a very interesting and questionable print item from a 1963 magazine.
    It presents six menu offerings from different LA eateries and features the
    ” Matterhorn ” sandwich from Woody’s.

    Now check this out;
    The photo and print description shows the Matterhorn made with THREE
    quarter pound meat patties !
    I myself am only aware of the TWO patty Matterhorn which I always found
    too hard to handle since the Kaiser roll top was cut in half.
    Since I cannot fathom a manageable THREE patty sandwich, I am inclined to think that a prank was pulled on the reporter who took the photo.

    There had to be at least a couple of Woody’s managers around in 1963 who would have found this fun to pull off.

    If my thinking is incorrect and someone can affirm that a THREE patty
    Matterhorn was indeed a regular menu item in 1963, I WILL BE HAPPY TO STAND CORRECTED.
    In the meantime, go to the EBAY site and see this for yourselves.

    This issue of concern occurred 50 years ago …… this year !
    Such fun.
    Phil A.

  • Kristen Langley says:

    Just found this site…

    I remember going to the Admiral Risty back when I was, maybe, in 4th Grade at Montemalaga Elementary. We were doing a special school performance (songs).

    Two years ago (after having moved from the area in the mid 1970s), I did a ‘bucket list’ trip to see the old neighborhood, and drove up PV Drive West, around the Point, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the Admiral was still in business after all of these years.

    Also remember going to Woody’s down in the Riviera Village

  • Phil ( Mr. A ) says:

    Hello Readers,

    Wow ! More than a week has passed without a comment.
    Everyone must be out doing final autumn yard chores ….. like me.

    All is well with me here in Ohio, but I seem to have run out of new issues to discuss regarding Woody’s operations and employees.
    I assure you that my interest level in this site is as high as ever.
    I will continue to monitor this wonderful site and will certainly respond
    when needed.

    As many of you know, Mr. Ralph Wood is also the originator/owner of the Admiral Risty dinner house in Palos Verdes.
    This coming month of October will mark his 47th year of continuous operation. Gosh, I wish I was in the area so I could meet some of you there at the Risty to help celebrate.
    Since I cannot, I will think of another way to convey my good wishes to Ralph Wood at his ” Risty “.

    All my best to everyone !
    Phil Ankofski

  • Phil ( Mr. A ) says:

    Good Morgan, ( as in Robert W. ~ KHJ )

    I am a fan of Tyrolean music, and it just occurred to me that perhaps
    Mr. Wood overlooked having Tyrolean music played in his units.
    Granted, the guys staffing the units would probably go nuts if it was played
    all day and night, but if it was featured say 20 % of the day it could have been loads of fun.

    Readers, you’re Morganized !

  • Phil ( Mr. A ) says:

    Good morning Readers,

    For Mark, ( our manager )
    You are not only a wonderful writer, but a nice guy too !
    I can tell from the language of our Readers that we all appreciate your time and efforts. Once again, thank you for that and also for giving us a
    ” heads up ” on your future plans for this Woody’s site.

    My Woody’s coffee mug from Ebay just arrived yesterday.
    I paid $15.00 plus shipping …. and worth every penny.
    I am most fortunate to have received a pristine mug. Very little use.
    It will be a wonderful memento for many years to come.

    All my best,
    Phil Ankofski

  • The Management says:

    Hi, it’s Mark. I appreciate that you folks are enjoying the board and that’s enough. You don’t have to do “something really nice” for me. If you’re among those who made Woody’s such a great place to get a burger, you already did something nice for me.

    This comment thread is getting pretty long. If it continues at its current pace, I’m going to lock it down in a few weeks and start a new Woody’s page. The old messages will still be available for reading. If anyone has any photos or other Woody’s memorabilia, I’d like to post them on the new page. I have a Woody’s coffee mug that I bought off eBay long ago so I can post a photo of that…but does anyone have other photos of Woody’s outlets? Or a copy of any sort of menu? You can write to me at me@oldlarestaurants.com.

  • Phil ( Mr. A ) says:

    Dear Readers,

    In Mark Evanier’s opening narrative for this site, he states ;
    ” Lo, how the mighty have fallen. ”

    This phrase is magnified when you consider;
    1984 ~ Gold Star Recording Studios closed ~
    1985 ~ Woody’s #1, Culver City closed ~
    1986 ~ KHJ Boss Angeles closed ~

    This three period had to be very rough on you folks in the Southland.
    As for me, I had already relocated to Michigan in 1971.

  • Phil ( Mr. A ) says:

    A clarification on the prior note; I am suggesting that you frame the actual suspenders ….. not the photos.

    Some amount of time after we were married, my wife found her maillot swimsuit from our honeymoon days. She was about to add it to some “Goodwill ” donation items when it occurred to me that it should be preserved. Yup, I had it framed under glass and to this day I am so happy with myself for having it done.

    To all Commenters,
    We should start thinking about doing something really nice for Mark Evanier. If we can come up with a winning suggestion, I will be happy to be the line leader to follow through.
    Let the suggestions begin !
    Phil A.

  • Vincent Chiesa says:

    Mr. Phil: Thanks for the warm welcome to this site. I met Elena in 1981 at the Culver City store while Pat was manager there at the time. She was a worker there who Pat hired and introduced us. I was working at night and she was days. And as they say….the rest is history. Chris was a great boss! I learned a lot from him about the restaurant business, and if it wasn’t for him, I may not have learned and enjoyed this type of business later on in life. In fact, I opened a fast food restaurant business in 1996 and had it for about 3-1/2, always thinking about the days of Woody’s.
    Chris: No I don’t have that Jeep, but I do remember trading you vehicles for a day and you loaned me your brown VW so you could take your family to the mountains in the Jeep. Those lines at Woody’s were out-of-this world. You helped me master cooking through those 3 hour lunches with lines out the door and often wrapped around to the newspaper stands. Oh the pleasures of scrapping off an inch of burger grease from your skin by the end of lunch. If you made just one mistake on the line, you could easily throw off everything. Precision and reading those codes..SW, KSW, FS, etc…fast! To this day, I have never seen a restaurant to have the clientele that Woody’s #7 had in its heydays. I’ll have to dig out some pictures sometime. More at a later time. Vinnie.

  • Marshall Loveday says:

    OK. this is comment #204 here in the Woody’s Smorgasburger section of Mark Evanier’s Old Los Angeles Restaurants web page.

    We’re far and away the #1 commented on page out of all those listed. #2 is Love’s BBQ, with (to date) 68 comments.

    Thanks to Mark for making this page available.

  • Phil ( Mr. A ) says:

    A suggestion for Chris Pingel ;

    After you locate the Woody’s suspenders in the attic and take a few photos,
    why not take them to a professional framer and have them framed under glass. I think it would make a fabulous decoration for your current office space or your den at home. What does thou think ?

  • Phil ( Mr. A ) says:

    Time to celebrate !
    The 200th comment was posted by Chris Pingel !
    This benchmark posted by Chris is most fitting because in his adult life he was associated with the Woody’s Smorgasburger banner longer than anyone else, including Mr. Ralph Wood.

    For Readers who may not have learned of Chris’s tenure from previous postings I will just give Chris a ” shout out ” in this way;
    Chris started as a busboy/lineman, returned as a manager, then multi unit manager, and finally as the owner/operator of the two surviving Woody’s units. Well done Chris !

    In recognition of the number 200 th comment, I think we should pitch in and send Chris 200 Dinner Discount Coupons for the El Pollo Loco.
    Somewhere I got the idea he likes chicken .

    All my best to all,
    Phil Ankofski

  • Chris says:


    How’s your Jeep? I certainly remember you and Elena.
    Boy, that was a long time ago.
    You were great to work with.
    Hope you’re doing well.

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