As I mentioned a few pages back in writing about a Chinese restaurant called Wan-Q, my family had its favorite place to get chow mein and it wasn’t Kowloon.

Kowloon was at 6124 W. Pico Boulevard,  just east of La Cienega.  It was across the street from where the post office there now is located.  I remember it as a dark place with nice decor but they didn’t prepare the food the way Wan-Q did and so we didn’t like it and now that I think about it, I’m not sure why we even went there.  I think it was my Aunt Dot’s penchant for trying new things that caused us to forsake a Chinese restaurant we loved and which was closer to us for one that was a bit farther away and an unknown quantity.  To this day, if I find a place I like, I stick with it and don’t bypass it for something that, at best, might be just as good.  I think this all flows from the lesson I learned when we tried Kowloon.

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  • Brian B says:

    Just reading that it was a favorite of Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac while they were recording Rumors in L.A. Cool.

  • Betty Ng says:

    my name is Betty I was one of the hostess, cocktail waitress and cashier some time there for 16 years, worked along side with Lily, Jane and Cecilia during the 60’s until 1975, when Joe Ho and George Lim has passed away, then the restaurant was torn down turned into some parking lot or something like that, me and my friends had a Great time and had some wonderful memories at that restaurant during those 16 years, the restaurant was there for over 25 years, and there were a lot of Hollywood celebrities dined there often, and it was selected by the Holy Day magazine as one the Best in L.A.

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