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Andre’s of Beverly Hills was a chic and popular (but overpriced) restaurant located on Wilshire Boulevard. Its appeal must have been the attentive, obsequious service because the few times I dined there, that’s the main thing I noticed. It sure wasn’t the food, which was Sizzler quality at about four times the price. The menu was an odd, multi-national aggregate of American, French and Italian and I usually had a steak with a side of unimpressive spaghetti.

I have a theory as to what closed Andre’s. Located in a shopping center about two miles away — and still there at the corner of Fairfax and 3rd Street — was and is a less fancy Andre’s, owned by the same folks who owned the fancy Andre’s. This one is a small Italian cafeteria that does a fabulous business selling very good pasta and pizza at rock bottom prices. If you want a cheap meal in not-plush surroundings, hurry thine backside over to the Town and Country mall across from Farmers Market. Andre’s is located in a little courtyard a few doors to the left of the Whole Foods Market. It’s one of those places where there’s almost always a line.

That Andre’s was popular back when the Andre’s on Wilshire was up and operating, and local restaurant critics couldn’t resist comparing them. At one, you got fast service, shabby decor and great food for very little money. At the other, you got slow service, fine decor and so-so food for a lot more money. Every year or so, some writer in the L.A. Times felt compelled to ask why the two-dollar plate of pasta at the cheap Andre’s was better than the nine-dollar plate of pasta at the fancy one. That kind of buzz must have harmed the one on Wilshire to some extent.

The only other memory I have of the Beverly Hills Andre’s was one time my family was there, dining with some wealthy friends who were paying. We were waiting for the valet to bring us our car for a fee roughly equal to the cost of a complete lasagna dinner at the other Andre’s. Suddenly, about six limousines converged on the place, and official-looking men jumped out and began clearing the way for the passenger from one. It was Robert Kennedy. I waved to him and he waved back, and I regretted that I didn’t have the opportunity to warn him that he was going to the wrong Andre’s.

Andre’s declined in popularity throughout the eighties. Around 1995, it was sold to new owners who rebranded it as Andre’s La Trattoria di Beverly Hills. A few years later, it was sold again and remodeled to become a fine steakhouse called the Porterhouse Bistro. After approximately ten years, Porterhouse Bistro closed its doors so it will be covered elsewhere on this site. As of this writing, the building is vacant…but it still shows up on most maps and restaurant guides as Andre’s of Beverly Hills even though that hasn’t been the name of the business in that building for more than a dozen years.

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  • Christina Pettro says:

    I was there about once a month with the friends who introduced me to the restaurant. The food and service was wonderful but what I loved the most was that appetizer plate and the salami “salad”. I would give anything to have the recipe. And, I thought the prices were very reasonable and that’s why we went just for a Saturday night dinner or special occasions,

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Lynn RE Andre’s salad dressing: Oh, the agony of it All! What I’d give in NM for a coffee frappe, a traditional, not nouveau, Lobstaah Roll, and Strip (no Bellies) Fried Clams that you have instead at your fingertips. RE the latter: Red Lobstaah tries to pass off fried batter as fried clams; LJS has a decent version, but neither are like what you’d get as a CA transplant to take your mind off Andre’s Scampi, just down the road from you at Woodmen’s in Essex where they were invented!!!! For the munchies at the end of this month, check out the plethora of menus to distract via googling Lowell Folk Festival while enjoying a constant melange of Folk music! To prep yourself, read to then visit the Mill Museum/Canal Tour experience when you Google “NPS Lowell” for visiting during the Festival.
    In the meantime, check out this RE a possibility for Andre’s salad dressing or call try calling (323) 935-1246!

  • Lynne M. Narez says:

    I went their a lot in the 60’s and 70’s with my parents. It was pricey but we had wonderful food and service. I’m from an Italian family and my parents were very particular about food and service. There is a story of me ordering Cherries Jubilee from the waiter myself when I was three years old. How nice relive those old memories.

  • Lynn Shilman says:

    I remember all the good dinners we had at Andre’s, Beverly Hills when I was a young newly married adult. What ever the occasion was, we always went there for the delicious food. My favorite is still the shrimp scampi and NO other restaurant could ever make it as well . I live in New Hampshire now, and the food here cannot come close to Andre’s. I wish I could get the recipes for the salad dressing and especially the greatest SCAMPI EVER!!!!
    Does anyone have it to share??? Love all the GREAT comments!

  • C. A says:

    Fantastic food. Reasonably priced.
    Every table was served a lazy Susan of appetizers. I went to Andres’ as a teen ager with my family. The person who wrote that unbelievable article had a vengeance against his newspaper company.
    Andre’s closed after nearly 50 yrs. Domenic Andreone, truly dedicated to his profession is the owner and chef in Beverly Hills and chef at Town and Country on 3rd and Fairfax.
    Today, 2019, Andre is 97 yrs. young and you will see him at Andres’ Town and Country .

  • Michael Waterman says:

    Gee. This brings back a lot of memories. Andre’s was very fancy dining for us – back in the early 1960’s (maybe even late 1950’s). The Medicas lived down the block from us (just north of Daylight Market on La Cienega and 18th Street – across the street from Adohr Farm’s. That’s a loooong time ago!

  • Norm Green says:

    Andre’s was wonderful. The appetizers and the grenadine of beef stand out in my memory. Plus it’s the first place I had green noodles (as a child). My extended family loved it, and when I recommended it to business associates, all were pleased. I remember Lois Dwan’s review, and I wish it were still there.

  • Aurelio Motisi says:

    I have no idea what this writer is talking about Andre served quality dishs at resonable prices. I doubt Sizzler ever had a Real chop on their menu that melted in your mouth or a Pamigiana dish that rivaled the best in the city at a 1/3 less. They included a lazy Suzanne with every meal that had a assortment of appetizerd that would fill your stomach.Every entree came with just the perfect small size pasta green noodle this. But if you were in the loop you would as for the freash tomato sauce which was to die for. The reason I heard that Andre sold the restaurant was because he sold it building & all for over 1 million$$$$. This reveier should stick to fast food places which he seems to excel in. Obviously he doesn’t have the pallet for fine food eating.

  • basie says:

    what I wouldnt give for the salad dressing recipe!!!! I love/d both Andres

  • Frederic Stratton says:

    I first went to Andre’s in the mall at 3rd and Fairfax with my grandmother and friends circa 1966-1967. I have renewed the tradition by going there several times over the last two years. You can’t beat the prices, and the pasta is very, very good! Appearance-wise, it doesn’t look a whole lot different than it did 50 years ago, but it’s still a joy to go there.

  • Biff says:

    It was a sad day when the Andre’s in Westchester closed. It was on the west side of Sepulveda, between Lincoln and Manchester. Pretty much the same setup as the place at 3rd and Fairfax. Same long, but fast moving, line. Same food. Same prices. Very popular with Westchester residents, but more so by local business operators and airport/airline executives.

  • Laila says:

    My Mother, Irene, worked at Andre’s in Beverly Hills from the day it opened in the late 50’s for thirty years. The food was fantastic! No one, anywhere, can touch his shrimp scampi!! My wedding reception was held there in 1984, not an unhappy guest in the house! And yes, Andreoni will be celebrating his 95th birthday very soon!

    Andre’s took a huge hit in ’86 when the smoking ban was instigated, people then opted for having lunch and dinner in the restaurants of hotels instead because they were exempt from that ban.

    To each his own, but the food was fantastic, the service always impeccable, and price very reasonable for the many courses and amount of food that was served. Oh, and if you ever had one of their cappuccinos…

  • Theresa Merrin says:

    Andrea’s of Beverly Hills was one of the best restaurants. The service, food and ambiance were always top notch. It was always a pleasure to eat there. The prices were so affordable. How gracious of the owner to have kept the prices so we could all enjoy . We wish that a cook book would be created from the fantastic recipes. The Antipasto tiered plate, shrimp scampi, fish plates , beef Wellington , fresh soup and salad , fresh vegetables ,fantastic desserts and coffee. We could go on and on. This wonderful restaurant is truly missed.

  • Michael Lipofsky says:

    My family used to go to the Andre’s on 3rd & Fairfax a countless number of Sunday afternoons when I was a kid back in the 70’s and the 80’s and I still eat there from time to time when I’m over in that area. It’s still as great as ever. My family used to eat at Rudi’s Italian Inn on Crenshaw Blvd before I was born and when I was a little kid, but after it closed in 1974, Andre’s became their spot. My dad’s always said that Rudi’s had the spaghetti and meatballs that he’s ever had in his life. No one’s been able to match it, but Andre’s is a pretty close second and their Caesar salad dressing’s pretty awesome as well!

  • Carol says:

    Andre is celebrating his 95th birthday next month. Feel free to send a card to andre’ S town & country. If any employees from both restaurant out tbere, please send a card

  • Patrice says:

    Went there for my 30th birthday in 1985. First time I had Crepes Suzette for dessert.

  • Chris Pingel says:

    Where have all the Woody’s fans gone????
    If you have ever been to a Woody’s Smorgasburger in the 50’s,60’s or 70’s or if you’ve ever worked at any of the locations or have any stories to tell, we’d love for you to share them with us.
    Please, we need to keep the conversation going.
    Thanks, in advance, to all of you who might have a story to tell or an experience either as a customer of an ex employee to share.

  • Trencheman says:

    I will always remember Andres.
    During the 1980s the place was going gangbusters. Dom Medica and Dom Andreoni ( Mr. Andre ) were at the top of their game. Lew Young, still alive, was a great Texan humorist behind the plank. God bless. Mike McGonigle.

  • Kathleen Hansell says:

    I’m so glad to find this website. Andre’s was our family’s favorite special occasion restaurant for many years. When we were first married in 1962, our neighbors across the street became our good friends (even though they were much older). Tom was the maitre d’ and on his recommendation, we went there and were impressed by the incredible food, impeccable service, and overall quality. Our children all have such fond memories of enjoying special meals there. Our youngest son’s favorite dish was their Beef Wellington….I’ve never found another that could compare to it. What wonderful memories!

  • Rosalyn Jirge says:

    My family always loved Andre’s in Beverly Hills, our go-to special occasion restaurant. I was so sad when I learned it had been closed.

    We have been desperately looking for the recipe for the incredible Shrimp Scampi – the best I’ve ever had. Do you know where I might find it? Is it served at the Fairfax location? We live in the San Francisco Bay Area now, but visit SoCal frequently. We will have to go to Fairfax next visit!
    Thanks for your help.

  • John Engstrom says:

    Once upon a time, I used to be in charge of arranging dinners for the local chapter of a group of insurance accountants. One of the restaurants we used most often was Andre’s of Beverly Hills, because the service was always great, and the food was always well prepared for a large group (not always easy to pull off).

  • The Management says:

    I wrote the piece, Kathleen. Yes, I ate there…many times. Obviously, many people loved it and they’re not wrong. It’s just their 0pinions based on their experiences. I didn’t care for the place.

    On the other hand, Andre’s over at 3rd and Fairfax is one of the most wonderful places to dine in all of Los Angeles — great food, terrific prices and I’ve never seen a restaurant with better, more attentive service. I hope I never have to add it to this website.

    There’s a message earlier in the comments from the superb manager of the current Andre’s telling why the old one closed. Given how so many restaurants in the area (Lawry’s, for one) continued to thrive serving large portions of rich food, I doubt that the public turned against that. Just try to get a Saturday night reservation at Fogo de Chao, five blocks away. The portions aren’t large. They’re infinite.

    Thanks for participating. I like seeing different opinions on this site. That’s why we have comments.

    (P.S. Not long ago, I got the chance to meet Andre. He’s a very charming man who is justifiably proud of his current business.)

  • Kathleen Larsen says:

    The critique regarding the old Andre’s on Wilshire was wrong. Did this food credit really ever eat at this restaurant? Nothing was true in the article.

    This restaurant closed because times and the neiborhood had changed. Public no longer wishes large portions and rich food selections.

    Tell this food critic to get his facts correct before publishing an article!

  • Dragonanna says:

    Great value, great food at Fairfax location and Andre is a very kind and generous man. It’s not mostly take out, you can sit down with a group of your friends/family. Busy place, often with line out the door but moves fast. Don’t let that discourage you! The salmon is wonderful.

  • vito says:

    At one time Andre owned three restaurants, one was in Westchester,same concept as the one on Fairfax, buffet style.

  • Joan Robin says:

    BEST scampi ever!

  • Bart says:

    My wife and I were married in the back room at Andre’s in 1972; 43 years ago today. In those days the food was great and the service excellent; probably because the head maitre d’ knew us by name because of our wedding having been there. We use to go there every year for our anniversary. Then one year in the early 80’s, we made our annual pilgrimage and was disappointed to find that the service was horrible, although the food was acceptable, and the head maitre d’ had retired.

  • debra j says:

    Andres was my family’s special occasion restaurant too. I still remember our waiter was Paul and he always treated us like old friends. Reading the comments has made me very nastalgic. I’d kill for the antipasti recipes. I’m gonna have to get by the 3rd street location some time soon.
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

  • Chris says:

    Thanks, Terry for your comments and Congratulations on 48 years.

  • Art says:

    We held my grandmother’s 85th birthday party there, and a friend held his 60th birthday there. You can still get some of their food at Town & Country (across Third Street from Farmers’ Market and The Grove), but now it is mostly take out.

  • Bonnie says:

    Andre’s was another favorite restaurant of my parents and my grandfather, for Sunday dinner out. When Papa was in town he would take the whole family over to Andre’s. The beginning platter was on the house, and it was filled with all kinds of goodies, all for free! Papa just loved that, couldn’t get enough. After the platter, they would also serve both soup and salad before your main course. We thought it was very fine dining, back in the sixties and seventies, and never thought they were over-priced.

  • Murray ARONSON says:

    Andre’s on 3rd St & Faifax – long may they thrive! The spaghetti is wonderful. On Tuesdays the special is lamb shank with a side of spaghetti and is well worth the price. Andre’s has a nice diverse clientele: Korean families; Latinos; blacks; old Jewish ladies; intellectual types who all like to eat good food without going into debt.

  • Stuart Rosen says:

    Andre’s is AMAZING!!!!
    The help is as good as the food-they are all proud to serve Andre’s food-
    The old saying- “the fish stinks from the head down applies(in a good way)
    This fish smells GREAT- Andre and Aron demonstrate this everyday- smiling all day- you feel at home-
    The BEST take out in LA- or eat in if you want great food w/out the BS!!
    Do not forget their Gelato

  • Steve says:

    My parents never ate anywhere that was expensive and Andre’s of Beverly Hills was one of their favorite places to go with friends. Occasionally they took us kids and it was an intimidating treat. Since Norm’s was more the norm for our family outings (excuse the pun), Andre’s was a big deal for us.

    Anyway, after reading this I think I’ll head over to the other Andre’s the next time I’m in LA.

  • Phil Conley says:

    I agree with Larry. When I was in junior high – in the 60’s – this was the place our family went for special occasions – like Dad got a raise or bonus! I have incredibly fond memories of the food and totally disagree with the reviewer on this. You were first served with a huge platter of antipasta — then a salad – then spinach noodles with red sauce – then our entree. I always got the shrimp scampi which is to the day the best I ever had. And at the end of your meal you had the profitoroll – no charge. I am not sure what the reviewer meant by the high price — in the 60’s I think the entrees – which included all of the above were below $10 – not exactly overpriced even back then.

    I actually went back as an adult in the late 80’s. Nothing had changed — same great scampi and antipasta and profitoroll. Even then I think everything was around $20.00

    I so wanted to be able to take my kids to this restaurant several years ago – but alas it has just closed.

  • William says:

    Gosh, we used to go to Andre’s in the Fairfax district in the mid-80s, my friend Chuck and Syd and I. Best spaghetti and meatballs in town. Glad to hear it is still open. I live outside of L.A. now but next time I’m in town, I’ll go back to Andre’s and bring my friends!

  • Paul Stern says:

    They gave a weird platter before every meal that I never cared for but my parents loved…

  • Larry says:

    This was my family’s go to restaurant for special ocassions as well as many dates
    My rehersal dinner was here
    My memoires included the shrimp scampi with the best sause the best dressing for the salad(still can get at the Fairfax location) and the profitoroll for dessert
    Miss this restaurant terribly

  • Aron Celnik (Andre's Manager) says:

    While Mark is certainly entitled to his opinions, to say that Andre’s of Beverly Hills was overpriced is like saying that Phillipe (in Chinatown, L.A.) overcharges for his coffee! Andre’s, in its heyday, was probably one of the best values in town – period. As far as why the restaurant was finally closed; after working 7 days a week, 12-14 hour days, and 40 plus years of property appreciation, Andre decided that he would be wise to rent out the premises and devote a little extra time to his cafeteria style Andre’s on 3rd and Fairfax.

    Now Andre can be found every day (at least when he’s in town) behind the stove and shaking hands with old (and new) friends at the same 3rd Street location!

    By the way, Lou visits Andre’s from time to time, and rumor has it that he can still rip a phonebook in half with his bare hands!

  • Jen Marsh says:

    I had a chance to meet Andre’ in the early 90’s. He was a very kind and gentle man. I would like to find out if he is still alive and if so would like to contact him if someone as that information.


  • Joanne Burch says:

    I remember the night Robert Kennedy was there, it was one of the nights I was working. I worked as a waitress then hostess for about 3 years. My main memories were the bar customers who were there to buy a little something, something from Lou Young the bartender. I smile as I look back on those days, the customers, the people who worked there and wonder what became of them all?

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