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This site is about old, mostly-defunct dining establishments in or around the City of Los Angeles.  I set it up in 2012 and the premise then was that it would feature little articles and artifacts about restaurants where I, a lifelong resident of L.A., remembered dining.

It was not intended to be about restaurants that you went to because, among other reasons, I had no memories or observations to share about them.  Some folks either didn’t read the page where I explained that, didn’t grasp the concept or didn’t care.  Every week or so, I receive at least one vituperative e-mail from someone who is livid that I’ve omitted some favorite eatery from their past.  Some act like I made a grievous factual error; like I’d set up a blog about everyone who was ever pitched for the Dodgers and been such a lunkhead that I’d left out Sandy Koufax.  Others respond like I’ve trashed their mothers by deliberately slighting a piece of their childhood.

So I’ve set up a forum called Your Memories.  It’s a place where you can write about restaurants you recall or ask questions about them.  Post them there.  If a good thread gets going about some restaurant, I may move the posts about it to a separate thread devoted to that eating spot.

Also: I occasionally get messages from the owners (or fans of) places that are or were currently open, objecting to their non-inclusion.  The heading on every page clearly says the site is about places that ain’t there no more but that seems to not matter to some.  The proprietor of one chain that’s still in operation was particularly irate that her restaurants weren’t included. Since then, several of her outlets have closed so it looks like she’ll get in here soon.

I’d rather you didn’t write about restaurants that are still in business.  There are plenty of sites about those places, including Yelp and Chowhound where you can argue ’til the Original Pantry closes about where to get the best pizza or burger.  I may delete message threads about the current dining scene.

Also, be patient if your write a comment and it doesn’t appear for a day or so.  This site gets “spammed” all the time.  Each day, I receive 100+ phony comments from non-existent people who plug online businesses and I have to separate the real posts from the robotic ads.  That’s why comments must be approved before they can read by anyone who comes here.  But we really do welcome your contributions.

You can reach me at me@oldlarestaurants.com. And you might want to drop by my main blog, newsfromme.com.  It’s about comic books and TV and politics and writing and cartoons and whatever pops into my mind when I should be working.

— Mark Evanier

10 Responses to About This Site

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos, NM says:

    Well Howdy there Toni Maam! Alas, I was born too soon to enjoy such a…well despite being Texan…woman of obvious genteel, Southern appreciation for the CLASSIC amenities of living!
    Bon Appétit!
    Vecino Bob
    PS Lest you and your SO may visit in neighboring New Mexico, I owe ya a Green Chile Cheeseburger, e.g. http://tinyurl.com/ld2tjut , con Margaritas in one of our Grande Cantinas!

  • Toni W. says:

    Hi! I absolutely love this site! I am a 46 year old woman from Texas (born in 1970) and have never been to LA but I read everyone of your reviews. I loved reading about the grand restaurants like the Scandia. Thanks for the memories I never got to experience!

  • Ellen Shaver says:

    Folks , I have done as much research as I can concerning the Former Zep Diner that was in Hawthorne on West Flower . I know it was built in 1930. There seems to have been a “Wing ” that was crafted in the rear so as to have increased seating about 1934. I have a shot where I am told that shows the Zep about 1946 where it shows the Zep in disrepair . I’m really wanting to correspond to ANYONE who MIGHT have any knowledge of when the former Zep Diner was razed . You can see a 1-24th scale model on Face Book by visiting the Art Forms Design page

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    ~ Wednesday ~ Traditionally a slow day at Woody’s ~

    Yes Bob, I did experience a minor quake while working at Redondo.
    It was 1968, and on the day, the dinner rush was just wrapping up when the dining room patrons began to react. Not screams, but more like the sounds guys make when their girlfriends announce they may be pregnant.
    Anyway, I looked up from the cash register I was tending and saw some very minor swaying of the chandeliers .
    At the time, I thought no big deal, but as the months went by I realized the issue was planted somewhere in the back of my brain.

    I know Chris was managing the Woodland Hills store in 1971 when the Northridge Quake occurred, so I will invite him to share that story.
    In the meantime , who wants a SmorgasBurger for lunch ?

  • Therese Wong Green says:

    Greetings! I am looking for any information on a restaurant my Grandfather Wong owned on Central Avenue named “The Broken Drum.” It was across the street from a five-and-dime store according to my father. He worked there as a teenager in the 1930’s. It served American food and soul food. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  • Michael Lipofsky says:

    No mention here of the Velvet Turtle. That was another great restaurant that’s no longer around. Also, even though it was before my time, what about Hody’s? I know a lot of people older than me, that have very fond memories of that place. I know they had quite a few locations too.

  • michael bernsatein says:

    growing up in hollywood in the 1970’s i remember fondly of diamond jims steakhouse that i enjoyed going to with my late mother a class eatery i also miss michael’s los feliz and the cove in los angeles

  • Daniel Stehura says:

    Please Delores Drive in it was on Wilshire Bl. One building from the corner of LaCinega. Movie stars would come in at 2-5 am and eat in the car in their P.J.’s
    Thank You, Daniel

  • The Management says:

    I’ve received lots of complaints that the comments should be ordered from newest to oldest so I finally gave in and reversed it. Would anyone else prefer it back the way it used to be?

    I have no idea about your disappearing ID. Can you write me privately and explain where it disappears from?

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    ~ For our boss Mark Evanier ~

    It looks as if things are improving on our end. ( tech wise )

    The dates on the scrolling are still reversed. Can this issue be reinstituted
    as it was in the previous five years ? Also my ID disappears after each entry.

    Memories 01 is off to a great start !

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