Skooby’s Hot Dogs


Skooby’s was a small hot dog stand located under a movie theater marquee on Hollywood Boulevard, directly across from Musso-Frank’s Grill, a restaurant that will never be on this website. Skooby’s served great dogs with a great snap and was kind of a godsend to those of us who like neither the chow nor the lines at Pink’s. Skooby’s was what Pink’s should have been, given its reputation.

The hot dogs were great, especially if you left off enough toppings to be able to taste the meat…though asked once if I preferred Skooby’s over my other fave (Carney’s, still open), I answered that I preferred the dogs at Carney’s and the french fries and lemonade at Skooby’s. I also liked the parking better at either Carney’s, which may have been the reason Skooby’s is no more. I rarely go to anything in that area that doesn’t have a parking lot, even for one of the best hot dogs in town.

3 Responses to Skooby’s Hot Dogs

  • The Management says:

    Because a restaurant has to be closed and out of business to be on this website and I was suggesting, tongue-in-cheek, that Musso-Frank’s Grill will never go out of business.

  • Brandy says:

    Why will Musso-Frank’s Grill never be on this website? Just curious.

  • Kali says:

    Sorry – still prefer Cupids in the Valley. Although Carney’s gets close. And Pink’s isn’t even in the same room. By any definition.

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