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This is the place to discuss restaurants that the proprietor of this blog never went to and therefore cannot write about.  Comments about restaurants that are open and operating are discouraged.

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  • B Comstock says:

    does anyone remember a cafeteria-style place with a vaguely Russian theme called, i think, Moscow? there was one just off Hollywood Blvd on Cahuenga or Ivar or somewhere in that area, and another one that was open 24 hours that was somewhere east of downtown. i think they both closed in the ’90s.

  • Mercy Baron says:

    John Hindsill….really wish they had an option on here to be notified when someone responds to your post. Really silly that they don’t. Thanks for responding about the Nine Muses. It took me 4 months after posting that to come back to this site or I would have never known you responded! Thanks.

    Lori…..I worked at Our Contribution! I never knew it to be owned by Mike Farrell. Jamie Alpern was the owner and my boss. It was a vegetarian health food restaurant and and the first place I ever worked as a server probably in the late 70’s. It was across the street from LA Valley College and my high school. Ulyssyes S. Grant in North Hollywood. We were a bunch of hippies working there!

  • Rosella A Alm-Ahearn says:

    Ah “Little Joes” My husband took me there on th way out of town when we went to get married in Northern California. Great food, but I didn’t taste it that day- I was too much in love.

    I don’t see “Jacks at the Beach” on your list. It was great for seafood in the 1960s.

  • brent thompson says:

    When I was young my grandparents took me to Chasen’s. My only memory is of my grandad complaining bitterly to Dave Chasen about the loud people in the booth nearby. He told him something like what do you want me to do RS they are famous movie stars. In about 1978 I remember some

    older female tourist asking the doorman where the stars were and he replied you are the star madam. Hitchcock was 50 feet away. Great place. Loved the lamb chops.

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos, NM says:

    My memory circa ’60-’63, recalls dining in the landmark for LAX I’m vaguely remembering it revolved slowly, but was later stopped. In the ’90s it was apparently renovated and named “Encounter”, but closed in the about ’14. Did it have a starting name?

  • Willi says:

    This is an amazing site with a fantastic list of places of old. One in particular, a place that i frequented very often back in the mid to late 1970’s and early 1980’s, was a deli on Wilshire blvd & 15th street in Santa Monica called Kenny’s deli. I dont know when the name changed to Izzy’s.

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos, NM says:

    Yo David…..You noted: “In my younger days we lived in Torrance….”
    No offense, but Folks might have used that expression when they’re in their 50s, let alone their 60s, and now in their 70s!!!!
    If I may suggest, perhaps you might ask some of the Folks reminiscing about several “versions” of Woody’s Smorgasburger where one version was at PCH and PV Blvd on the edge of Torrance. Hopefully, you made it to Woody’s!

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