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This is the place to discuss restaurants that the proprietor of this blog never went to and therefore cannot write about.  Comments about restaurants that are open and operating are discouraged.

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  • Phil says:

    Hello Pam,

    I do hope Bob returns to this site and learns all the facts you have posted.
    In the meantime I want to thank you for your diligence and discovery.
    I hope the new year is treating you well.

    Phil A.

  • Pamela says:

    To Bob from 1/11/18…a bit more information:
    The actual name of the restaurant was Swedish INN Smorgasbord. It was at 5359 S. Sepulveda Blvd. in Culver City. The title of the Los Angeles Times article in which a little blurb about it appears is called “Houses of Fill Repute” from May 27, 1980. The Los Angeles Public Library, under their Research & Homework section, has the “digitized reproduction of the Los Angeles Times from its beginnings”. The old “Roundabout” columns by Lois Dwan are a particularly fun read and the old restaurant advertisements will spark many a happy memory. In addition, if all of you are not already aware, the LA Public Library has an extensive “digitized” restaurant menu collection. Just Google “LAPL menu collection” and dig in!

  • Pamela says:

    To Bob from 1/11/18:
    I think the restaurant you remember was call The Swedish Smorgasbord. I seem to recall the sign or some part of the facade had a large nutcracker on it in bold primary colors. It may have been mentioned in an article in the Los Angeles Times from May, 1980. I’m curious if this is the place you were thinking of.

  • gil deane says:

    I’m disappointed that I haven’t seen a comment about the old Ernest restaurant in Beverly Hills, where the owner gave you the choice of “peas, beans, beets, brussel sprouts or baked potatoes….you have the choice of two”…with a wonderful small filet mignon at a bargain price.

  • Bozo says:

    More for Bob,

    If you indeed treat yourself to the El Pollo Loco for the burrito, I would further suggest you dine out on the front patio. From there you can sit and face the Bank of America which should be a familiar view for you as it was around when you were. The fire station to the west is gone. The Mobile gas station to the North is gone as is the Hi Fi shop to the East.
    You may lament the burgers are gone, but what the hell, Johnnie’s Pastrami is still operating at 4017 S. Sepulveda ….. if you can afford a $22.00 lunch.

  • Bozo says:

    Yo Bobby boy ,

    Your mental compass should be tweaked as you need to move south a bit
    to 5529 S. Sepulveda , Culver City, CA. You will find the El Pollo Loco store now occupies the property and it is owned by the same guy who made your burgers when you were a little s__t …….. or I mean tyke.
    Daaaa …. I seem to recall the name Woodsy or Woody mixed in the name.
    Too bad old Gramps didn’t take you there more often as it may have remained open . Anyway, stop by this week and have a burrito ! Look for an in date coupon flying around the parking lot as it will help pay your check.

    Are you smiling Evan Z. ? Hope so.

  • Bob says:

    Anyone remember a “smorgasbord” that used to be near the corner of Sepulveda and Sawtelle? It was roughly where an Aaron Brothers is now. I used to go there as a kid in the early 80’s with my grandparents. At some point it closed/went out of business, sat empty for a long time then a developer bought the land, they tore it down, and placed a mini shopping center there.

    Here’s a google map link to where it was:,-118.3955406,3a,75y,293h,81.51t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shmUpIAppOwbvg8d7rQiOSg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    I was too young to recall it being called anything other than “the smorgasbord”… but I can’t find anything about it anywhere online.

  • Sgt. Joe Friday says:

    One more: there was a place called Kaplan’s Deli in Costa Mesa, present real estate occupied by In-N-Out. Kaplan’s made no claim to being a kosher deli, but as I recall the food was good.

  • Sgt. Joe Friday says:

    A couple more I just thought of: The Swiss Echo (west LA) and Sam’s Seafood (Huntington Beach).

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Alas Sharon, never made it to Filene’s “as a kid”. Hope you made it here where they invented the Fried Clam. Lest you were ‘of an age’, also hope you made it to The Totem Pole!
    Alas, per your “roots”, Y’all might enjoy as well as by this somewhat O-CD researcher/author…LOL Scroll down within both for Reader reviews.

  • Sharon Beahm says:

    Jason: I saw your post about a German Restaurant in downtown where music and chicken dances happened. I have a memory of being in that area in the early 1970s outside across the street from that building, folks in classic German garb and I could hear music German costume to dance. I did some research and found it:

    Turner Inn Hofbrau, at 645 W. 15th St.,

    It had a very interesting history. I found this article in the LA Times under this heading “German Club Renewed Honor for War Hero “February 02, 2003|Cecilia Rasmussen | Times Staff Writer
    The LA Rams even had big dinners there.

    Here is another cool site, a few clicks in there was a poster from the restaurant.

    The LA Revisited site has lots of great historical info going back to the 1800’s.

    I too remember the old downtown and worked there in the 1980s before they took down all those huge brick but deserted buildings.

  • Sharon Beahm says:

    I didn’t see anyone mention the old Clifton’s Cafeteria, off Broadway in Downtown LA. I loved the stairs to go down into it. I grew up in Boston and Filene’s Basement, had stairs down into were clothing was left in piles to rummage through, it was controlled chaos. We moved to West Hollywood, in the 1960’s and I lived off Santa Monica Blvd and Gardner St., near Plummer Park. My Mom loved going downtown to shop and we would always go to Clifton’s to “get a snack”, because it reminded her of the 5 and 10, or five and dimes on the East Coast..and the stairs going In the early 1980s I worked at Grand and Wilshire Building, back then it was about the tallest building, till they built the BofA Tower.. that was a long time ago. Cagney and Lacey loved filming on Grand in front of our building.. We would rush out around the corner to Cliftons. for lunch. so glad to know it’s still there and hopefully thriving, does anyone know ? Thanks for the memories ! On Wikipedia. I learned that the building was sold and brought back to its original wonderfulness. I guess they found original neon lights and decor. It reopened in 2015.

  • Cindy Peterson says:

    I definitely remember the Nu Way hot stand in Santa Monica. My parents took us there in the late 1950’s for the best hot dogs in town!

  • Gene mandell says:

    Hi Regina,

    I definitely remember not only Mediterranean’s, but also the Captain’s Table Android some other great restaurants on Restaurant Row….let’s take a trip down memory lane,

  • Gene mandell says:

    My uncle Joe Marcus owned a restaurant on Olive Street in downtown Los Angeles for nearly fifty years. He started it in the 1920’s and was one of the first restauranters who served beer right after Prohibition. I would like to find more information on it. Thank you. I believe it was called either Marcus steak house or barbecue.

  • Sgt. Joe Friday says:

    Some I remember that are no longer around: Tick Tock, Michael’s in Los Feliz, PFDA in Pasadena, Burger Continental…

  • Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman says:

    Does anyone remember a small burger stand called Gooey Louie’s ( 1972 ish) next door to the old car wash on Washington Blvd where it triangled with Wade and Washington Pl …..near Venice high ?

  • Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman says:

    Does anyone remember NU-WAY CHILI DOGS (corner of Bundy & Pico) , OR, RAFAEL’S LA CANTINA CAFE (on Pico Blvd about 3 shops down opposite side of street )

  • Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman says:

    BOB –
    re: The Carriage Trade. I don’t remember it, but it’s mentioned in the book “Gay L.A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick …” We (my buddies and I) went to the French Market Place for after hours meals at the French Quarter restaurant. The staff changed and the waiters were usually gay in the evening hours. My friends would always flirt with the waiters. During the day hours, “Drake’s” was where some of my LGBT friends would go for lunch. Do you remember those places ?

  • Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman says:

    I’m sure that “to know you is to love you” ! OK, so it was the age difference that separated our chance to meet. Still, it’s so funny that we were goofing around West Los Angeles in so many of the same places but because I was younger you were probably complaining about ‘the loud teenagers’ at the other table (wink, wink). La Barbera’s and Bruno’s (which was near my house ,too) yum… I lived on Grandview Blvd.

  • Bonnie Meenan says:

    Au Petit Jean Beverly Hills. It was the best and the one I miss most . Next would Monty’s Pasadena.

  • Gerald J Loughlin says:

    I can still remember being there when I was 19 years old had a great time good to see you’re still there

  • Herzco says:

    How about Nibblers on Wilshire? Open very late and I was always surprised that it stayed in business… There might have been a more robust clientele during the day (they were ground floor of an office building I think). It had nice 1960s modern type interiors, with slightly sunken floors). I loved those places that felt out of the way but were smack in the middle of the city.

  • Dusty Studebaker says:

    I’m trying my best to remember the name of an old restaurant that was a few blocks away from Wilshire and crenshaw… the building was “pepto pink”, and i seem to recall it starting with an F. This wouldve been late 70s early 80s.

  • Bob says:

    I’m really surprised that there is absolutely nothing here tleegaeding THE CARRIAGE TRADE in Los Angeles. This was our go-to place for all holidays in our LGBT community. Does anyone else have fond memories of this once fine dining establishment?

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Chains: Some came and seemed to go as quickly as they came; some died a lingering death… (Some may have never made to LA…LOL)

  • John Hindsill says:

    Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman
    Reading your post for other restaurants, I can tell you how you can’t know me. While you were in your teens in the ’70s, I was in my 30s. Guess we had different sets of friends.

  • John Hindsill says:

    Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman
    I’m not sure there are Good Earth store in LA area any more. The Studio City location is reported closed. The food was more to my wife’s liking than than mine so we didn’t eat there often, but it was good. The location was cavernous, most of a block, so the rent must have been massively expensive. The Westdale/Westwood store on Pico has been closed for many years. About 25 years ago our family had a cousins reunion there.

    You asked (rhetorically, I’m sure) how you cannot know me. You’re in good company…3 mil. others in So Cal don’t know me either. But to know me is to love me, as per the ’50s song.

  • Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman says:

    Andy – yes I remember The Good Earth. They still have the tea for sale. It was a small chain serving healthy soup, salad and sandwiches.

  • Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman says:

    Hal Harold – I don’t remember the Garden District restaurant, but it was just yards from The Odyssey nightclub where I used to dance for hours in the mid-to-late 70’s until my feet fell off with all my gay theatre boyfriends. Are you still with the love of your life?

  • Elizabeth (Allen) Sheiman says:

    John Hindsill – How do I not know you? We went to so many of the same places….Do you remember Mucky Duck ?

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Yo Hal, Ya might click on a couple of the pics here to see if anything rings a bell, e.g. Jim Morrison. Alas, NOLA’s Garden District seems most photed.

  • Hal Harold says:

    Garden District Restaurant on Beverly Blvd about 1/2 mile (+/-) from La Cienega. Good food with good clientele; mature gay clientele before ‘gay acceptance’! I met the love of my life there in 1973. Why did this place close?

  • Jamie White says:

    One of my favorites in early 80s was Nikki’s located between studio entrance and the old LA Rams office so you got a cross section of entertainment and sports. It featured high end French menu, a piano bar and a relaxed bar where people played scrabble and regulars had little name plaques on the walls.

    Does anyone else remember the place or the owner?

  • John Hindsill says:

    I remember dining at Picolo’s a couple of times. I remember it as small, serving very good food elegantly. I think it was around Beverly Glen. But I can’t remember much else…it was 50 years ago at least.

  • Andy says:

    Ha, I came to this site hoping to find the name of an old restaurant I used to love in Marina del Rey many years ago. It wasn’t until I started typing my question that the name popped into my brain, it was called The Good Earth. I think there were 3 or 4 other locations, the last one I’m aware of was on Ventura Blvd in Studio City, but gone now too. Anyone remember the place?

  • Andy says:

    AB and B Comstock, Gorky’s was in downtown LA, on the border of what is now the Arts District. Ahead of its time.

  • Judy Knorzer says:

    Picolo Restaurant on Pico Blvd in Los Angeles had the best salad dressing. Remember anyone???

  • Tom F says:

    Anyone recall a theme restaurant on Restaurant Row on La Cienega (?) named 1372 or similar? We frequented this place in the early 1970s. You paid a fixed fee, had a choice of two meats, sat at long tables, and a show set in medieval times (I.e., knights and such) during dinner. Highly entertaining and great for groups. There was also a “sister” place called 1772 or something that offered similar dining show but different period of time. Please let me know. Thx.

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    OMG…a place serving hot dogs and tacos! Lo… they didn’t take it to the next level!
    I.e. to me, a taco is hamburger meat/shredded lettuce n velveeta/diced tomato. Ok, today squirt on some “Hot or Extra Hot” sauce. Now a days, we be dealing with Shrimp Tacos! Did someone miss making a million for a year or two perhaps by not doing the All American Hot Dog Taco???! Is there still time?
    When driving through New Mexico since the mid ’50s, you could get a Foot Long (NM RED, not Tex-Mex!) Chile Cheese Dog con onions as seen here Trust me, I’ve had 583 feet of ’em and always paired ’em with their Orange Drink; never cola!
    Oh where?! as vetted by Diners/Drive-Ins/Dives and appearing in Breaking Bad!

  • John Hindsill says:

    Regina Cohn, yes the Mediterrania was on the east side of La Cienega. I don’t recall ever eating there. I ate there several times as a youngster when it was called Richler’s, whose specialty was Plank Steak (Hamburger surrounded by mashed potato served on a long piece of wood). I’m not sure when it changed, but, I think it was called Richlers Mediterranea, later dropping the original name.

  • Mike says:

    Pup & Taco. Does anybody remember this chain of “squat and gobble” type restraints. They were all over the southward about the same time as the beginnings of Weinerschnitzel. I remember lunching at one near where I worked in the early and mid 1980’s. For a few bucks, you could fill up on hot dogs and tacos. I think these pre-dated Taco Bell. There used to be one at the corner of Beverly Blvd and Rampart. Catty corner from the original Tommy’s. And I have to confess, occasionally I would visit both Tommy’s and Pup & Taco on the same food run.

  • Regina Cohn says:

    Does anyone remember the restaurant on Restaurant Row called, I seem to recall, “The Mediterrania?” It had stained glass windows.

  • Dan Mackey says:

    Does anyone remember Reubens Steakhouse chain. I worked as a bartender at the one in Northridge on Nordhoff (?) for a little while. They had a BIG bar with a dance floor and a DJ booth.

  • Lisa says:

    Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant from the early 50s on Pico and Roxbury, Los Angeles, just outside Beverly Hills? It was up a driveway and was taken over by Owen’s Market

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Indeed John! that is a fun vignette RE your Dino’s!
    Most of my times in Pasadena…have been “unique”. Blew my mind to sit in the gutter of Colorado Blvd at 12:01 AM of ’59 playing Bridge (it was a “thing” back then!) with a hibachi for “Amuse-bouches”, sorta speak, while reserving space for Rose Parade ogling after only seeing it on TV for years in staid New England where Folks wouldn’t do that even if it was for His Second Coming!!! Then, in ’99, 1st wife and I were exploring ‘hooking back up” after a hiatus of 29 years! Drove from Vegas for an iconic monthly Flea Market in the Bowl’s parking lot. Then, while sidewalk-dining in the evening, a revolving motorcade occurred celebrating the iconic ’99 US Women’s World Cup Soccer victory over China If you live there, hope you get a chance to Bon Appetit a Double Dipped French Dip every now and then at legendary “just” down the road!
    – My Dino’s (Blush) was next door to (TV’s) 77 Sunset Strip (the 8000 block actually) Pardon, as somewhere within this total Blog I’ve bragged about pulling into the porte cochere circa ’60 to be able to park as “Cookie” did not want to park my Vespa after my USC Chica alit after sitting de rigueur, sidesaddle, per a straight skirt of the day. OMG…talk about mind boggling back in the day: The back side of Dean Martin’s place was almost a glass wall affording an unsurpassedly romantic view of LA lights while sipping on Grasshoppers, Daiquiris, or Stingers (staying away from a MaiTai or Zombie per driving) while listening to smooth jazz. Elsewheretherein, you could dine.

  • John Hindsill says:

    BVLR(NM) I’m not so interested in menus of places historic that I’ve never been to, but you might get a kick of this. We used to frequent (eat at, really) an Italian restaurant, Dino’s in Pasadena. As you entered from the parking lot down the hallway to the front desk, you were treated to a framed array of menus from 1946 (its opening) to more recent ones… 6 or 7 in all. We would tell the receptionist (often the owner) that we wished to eat from the 1955 menu or the 1968 menu, and he’d smile,and have a little comeback, as he handed us the current version. I never asked for the 1946 menu, because I didn’t want to appear really cheap. Rising rents along Colorado Blvd. led to Dino’s demise ten or so years ago, but it had a long life.

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    For those of Y’all who are really Really into things historical RE restaurants, check out this Gal’s collection of Menus ! When you click on a Menu icon, be sure to click on the operative labelled “Zoom In”, more than once as if need be.

  • John Hindsill says:

    Maybe Norms’ which still has some locations I think.

  • John Hindsill says:

    I do indeed remember La Barbera’s…really good. But usually I went to Brno’s which was a lot closer to home, and was just as good.

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