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This is the place to discuss restaurants that the proprietor of this blog never went to and therefore cannot write about.  Comments about restaurants that are open and operating are discouraged.

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  • Leo Horishny says:

    I’m reading a book about the making of The Wild Bunch, and a place on Olive Avenue called the El Chiquito Inn had a bar Peckinpah hung out in, while doing pre-production writing. Is it still a working restaurant?

  • Tammy says:

    Does anyone remember an Italian restaurant in the early and mid eighties that was located on or near the corner of Melrose and La Brea? I can not remember the name of it. It was next to a flower shop.

  • jerry mezerow says:

    I have a story to tell of a restaurant outside Los Angeles. Years ago I was working in Palm Springs. I decided to go to Sonny Bono;s Restaurant for lunch.While i am having lunch I hear verbal fighting in the kitchen. Out comes Sonny Bono arguing with his Chef. Evidently there was big group having lunch and the Chef had fouled up the luncheon by not doing his job. Sonny was screaming and yelling at the Chef and told him he was fired. Aside from all that, I had a Prime Rib Sandwich which was very good. I miss Sonny. He was the brains of the Sonny and Cher act,

  • Ellen Steens says:

    Does anyone know why the Mexican Grill on San Vicente and Hauser Blvd closed? It been closed now about 3yrs. Actually it was juahacan (sprlling) as opposed to Mexican. I think the name was La Cantina Grill.

  • Ellen Steens says:

    Bruno’s Italian restaurant is closed. It has been gone since the 80’s or 90’s. When the owner made it plain he was going to close, we begged him yo stay in business. But he was adamant that he was going to break our hearts and leave.

  • Robby Vandermark says:

    Anyone remember the Bratskellar I worked at the one in Marina Del Rey as a bus boy for quite awhile

  • Rita says:

    Anyone remember the Original Barbeque in Los Angeles ? Remember going there lots in 1950’s – 60’s as a child for Mother’s Day with our entire family. They had a large private room we’d sit in. Google pulls only Thai original bbq but I don’t remember it being Thai. They had chicken, beef, ribs, amazing coleslaw, not a fancy place.

  • Jimbo bateso says:

    La cienega lawrys tail o the cock captains table

  • Jimbo bateso says:

    How about the old proud bird near lax.
    I hear they just opened a new one in the old place
    I miss dupars last one I went to in 2016 on ventura and laurel Chun
    Closed now love dan tanas still musso and frank still open pantry still open tommy’s pinks canters bel air lunch counter at beverly hills hotel
    Miss cyrano carlos and Charlie’s bistro bistro garden trader vics
    I mis hamlets terribly

  • Joni Beam says:


    Are you talking about “Gates of Spain”?
    That was on the top floor of a hotel in Santa Monica.

  • Joni Beam says:

    What was the name of the place on Olympic that had the birds in the middle of the restaurant? They were live birds! You would sit there in a coffee shop and eat while viewing live birds. It was in the 1970s. We always just called it “the place with the birds”. Thought it might have been The Olympic Hotel but nothing on “the google machine” is even remotely helpful.
    Did my sister and I dream this?

  • Robert Vee says:

    DIAGHILEV… Who remembers Diaghilev Restaurant and Dimitri, the superb maitre’d? The restaurant was in Le Bel Age hotel. Classic fine dining at its best. No one knew how to run a restaurant dining experience better than Dmitri.

  • lynn krupp says:

    I remember this restaurant the my Dad used to take me to when I was a kid. you would sit at the counter and your food would come on a train. when the train came to where you take the food off the train. I think I was in studio city California

  • John Engstrom says:

    Kathy S. (9/23/19)
    I do not recall Ted Owens in Leimert Park, but I do remember Grace Pastries, on Jefferson, near Crenshaw. As a kid, all of our birthday cakes came from there.

  • BOTVOLR says:

    Kathy S et all: Sorry for mistyping; hot link is just

  • BOTVOLR says:

    Yo Kathy S.! While “Latitude 20” sounds like a name not used in the early ’60s…LOL…a “Hawaiian themed” restaurant sounds like something from the ’60s! As such, if you are ‘of’ that era, do you recall a SouthSeas/Polynesian themed venue (an unused term of the ’60s…LOL) on South Catalina in the nearby section of Redondo Beach known as Hollywood Riviera? Aloha and Viva SPAM! BTW, did Latitude 20 serve Musubi? If not, I can’t see how they could call themselves truly Hawaiian! LOL

  • Kathy S says:

    Bob Palmer – The Hawaiian themed restaurant in Torrance was Latitude 20, at the corner of PCH and Ocean.
    John Hindsell & S Ayers – Stears for Steaks was on La Cienega and was located where Lawry’s is now.
    Does anyone remember Ted Owens on Crenshaw in Leimert Park? As a kid, all of my birthday cakes came from there. They has the best frosting!

  • Greg Nolan says:

    Does anyone remember the Caves deRoi ? My mothers favorite place in the early 60’s

  • Janis Gabbert says:

    I recall another restaurant on top of another named Hotel where the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica currently is at 1111 2nd Street. The current restaurant is called The Penthouse. What was the name of the original restaurant and the original hotel or building beneath in the 1960s?

  • Idama says:

    To John Graves
    re: Café Figaro
    Thanks for the blast from the past detailed 1977 menu. I still remember their exceptionally mellow, rich coffee.
    Gary I.

  • Gary I. says:

    To Maggie:
    To be more precise, the German restaurant was called “Knoll’s Black Forest” in Sta. Monica. However, it closed before I could get there.

  • Beth Jensen says:

    Does anyone remember Pete’s on Pico? It was a small, dark and cozy steakhouse that my family used to go at least once a week, or so!

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Yo Vicki…Nice to read your input RE Julie’s* which I presume was a different moment in time than mine…LOL Be that as it may, per your ‘day’ and mine…. If you’d be so kind…where was your Julie’s? circa what year? were you a TroJane and possibly a Cheerleader and in a “house”? I had a frat brother named Phil Wells from Buffalo when Lambda Chi was on West Adams across from the church near Hoover.
    *For a nano second and the only thing anywhere akin to a “Julie’s” I thought you were referring to was an Orange Julius on Jefferson that had the bestest of cheeseburgers as attested to by the drippings into a basket of yellow woven plastic…but then, there was no room for a pool!
    For tonight? Chop Chop!
    [PS: I made it ‘in’ and ‘out’ on my own, my Folks, and NDSL dimes!]

  • Vicki Wells says:

    Terry that restaurant near USC where everyone gathered after a game at SC was called Julie’s. It had a pool and Tommy Trojan would ride there with Charger. I remember one time someone put a live alligator in the pool. It was a pretty wild place!

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Alas A. Terry…About when are you referring? In the early ’60s there was a hangout named Carl’s at the corner of Fig and Expo…I’m fuzzy if it had a pool and I wouldn’t consider that being anywhere near downtown.
    Alas, could USC get any more press than the pay-to- study kerfuffle? Alas, the close call with Fresno this past Saturday didn’t help.
    All in all….keep The Faith and

  • Mike McDonald says:

    Hey Bob,
    The name of the steak place in Manhattan Beach near the pier was probably Bay Ninety’s…It was upstairs and a really good place to dine. As I recall they had a strip steak that was a real bargain

  • Mike McDonald says:

    There was a great restaurant named “Dandells” on Western avenue near what would be 12oth. It was across from the Western Ave. golf course.
    They had tournedo’s of beef on a artichoke bottom with bearnaise sauce and it was affordable. Can’t imagine what that would cost today.
    Really a great place for a two martini lunch..and of course dinner.

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Hi Louise…who has a name like Bob… i.e. from “an era” when many of us could say your phrase “All pretty casual and innocent then.” LOL
    Alas never got to Whiskey-A Go-Go but hopefully you might find ‘your pub’ by clicking on many of these to explore looking for it! Hope you can see (point out) a semblance of your place in today’s view Say, would WaGG been popular if The Twist had been named The Swivel?
    By chance, did you ever get just up The Strip to Dino’s (aka Dean Martin) Lodge, next to faux “77 Sunset Strip” of the TV Series (please use Google Search Images for “77 sunset strip dino’s lodge”) whereby I could confirm my memory they had a “back room” with a floor to ceiling glass wall looking over the twinkling lights of LA where they played Jazz for a brief time in the early ’60s?

  • Janelle A LaFond says:

    Does anyone remember Rene’s French Cuisine on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills in the 1970’s? I know it’s a sushi place now. I imagine Rene has passed away by now.

  • A. Terry says:

    Does anyone remember a Restaurant in downtown LA near USC had a Pool outside where you could eat lunch by it and a great bar inside where fans gathered on Saturdays before and after the game

  • Louise Wright says:

    I worked at a Pub-style restaurant, The Beef n’ Beer when it opened it 1966. It was owned by the same folks who owned the Whisky-A-Go Go and was located a couple doors down Sunset (the London Fog between the two). I can’t remember if the food was great, but it was a daytime hangout then for Steve McQueen, the Buffalo Springfield (just before they were discovered), many other musicians and actors. Great fun working there. I was a hostess, made friends with two of the waitresses, Sherry and Janice. We hung out with some of the Springfield, driving around in Neil’s hearse. All pretty casual and innocent then. I can’t find anything about it now, but for many years you could see the faux English “brickwork” on the facade.

  • Rose June says:

    Does anyone remember a place where you could view long tail monkeys in the lobby of an office building, which also may have been a restaurant? This would’ve been in the late ‘60’s/early ‘70s.

  • Roxy says:

    There was a Chinese Restaurant in Santa Monica named North China on Wilshire Blv. Between 4th and 5th st. It was next to the defunct Zuckys. Can’t find a trace of it. anyone remember it?

  • Andy says:

    Anyone remember Wilson’s Steakhouse on Lacienega in the 1940’s and 50’s?

  • Andy says:

    The restaurant at wilshire and Crenshaw was Perinos

  • Bob Palmer says:

    Ray, prior to becoming Killer Shrimp (4211 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey), it was Castagnola’s Lobster House. I am not certain if there was another restaurant in the location between Castagnola’s and Killer Shrimp. I worked at Castagnola’s as a busboy from 1968-1969. Strange, they did not serve Maine lobsters (the one’s with the claws), but rather Australian spiny lobsters (without the claws, similar to California spiny lobsters).

  • Bob Palmer says:

    Anyone recall a restaurant on Stocker Street at La Brea with a view to the south from the 1950s-1960s? Had electric trains running on tracks near the ceiling. Good place for kid’s birthdays. Also a ‘Gay 90’s’ themed steak place in Manhattan Beach on Manhattan Beach Blvd near the Pier from the 1980s? And lastly, a Polynesian/Hawaiian-themed restaurant on PCH in Torrance/Lomita from the 1960s-1970s? Thanks, Bob P

  • Ken says:

    I believe the name of the restaurant on the north side of Wilshire Blvd. at Crenshaw was called Carnation.

  • Debbie Travis says:

    Hi Barbara, -my Mothwr loved shopping at Jurgensens market in Westwood. My Father ran the Kirky building at Wilshire land Westwood land I was about 15 sand used to go to the Bruin theater on Friday nights.

  • Benny says:

    Looking for info on “Bruno’s Italian Restaurant” that was in the Centinela/Venice area of W.L.A in the 60’s/ 70’s.
    Is it still operational & where?

  • Teri Unger says:

    Zupp’s/Zup’s Riverside Dr & Victory? Best burritos ever.

  • The sweedish smorgasbord was Sir George’s. We had some in the San Gabriel Valley. We only got to go for special occasions. Does anyone remember Sambo’s restaurant. It was before Denny’s. I loved the motif as a kid but it wasn’t PC so they had to close-change. Sad.

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Yo Michael, Who can resist the flavoring of anchovies ala Caesar Salad let alone even home made Green Goddess !

  • Paloma Fierro says:

    Does anyone remember McLimons? Not sure on spelling but my 71 year old neighbor remembers they had an amazing shrimp Louie. Does anybody have more info? Couldn’t locate anything online.


  • Michael Lipofsky says:

    I’m really surprised the Velvet Turtle’s not on here. They had multiple locations in Southern California, but the one that I went to was the one in West LA on Sawtelle, between Pico & Olympic. They had that great Green Goddess salad dressing.

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    RE Windjammer: Alas Gary, sometimes ya got to be more specific particularly with popular names, e.g. what street was it on? Here’s a place in Redondo along with other possibilities.

    BTW, Never say Never! I’ve found that places that were not showing up one year, might be added a couple of years later.

  • Gary Mortimer says:

    Does anyone here remember a restaurant that is now the Rainbow Bar & Grill, but in the early 1970’s, it was called the Windjammer! Right next door to what is now the Roxy, used to be the Largo, a strip joint.

    I know that the Rainbow was originally the Villa Nova, but in the 1970’s…can’t remember the exact date, it was the Windjammer and I was the Bartender there for a few years.

    I have never been able to find any pictures of the front of it, showing the sign that said Windjammer…and I helped put that sign up, by standing on the small platform area right above the entrance!!!

  • Gary Mortimer says:

    Nicole…I remember the Garden District.
    Back in those days, “restaurant row” was a fun place to be.

    I spent a lot of time in Oliver and had fun hearing that old lady piano player just inside the door at the end of the long bar. And she lived quite a ways away but she also grew pot I think. Ah the stories from her

  • Gary Mortimer says:

    Does anyone on here know of or remember old restaurants that were on La Cienega Blvd. in the 1970’s, like Oliver which later changed its name to After Dark…even though there was another location down the street and i believe on the next major cross street.

    There was also the Carriage Trade up a few blocks from Oliver.

  • Theresa Powers says:

    Anyone remember Charmers Market in Santa Monica in the 70’s? They even had stuffed pig.

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