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Jan’s Restaurant was located on Beverly Boulevard just east of La Cienega. It billed itself as “L.A.’s Best Coffee Shop.” One wonders how the folks at Astro’s over on Fletcher Drive — owned by the same family and featuring almost the exact same cuisine — felt about that. But Jan’s was pretty good. In the seventies, I lived a block from the place and was in there at least twice a week. Breakfasts were as good as any other option I had. For lunch and dinner, it wasn’t the greatest but it was several notches above Denny’s or Norm’s or any other big chain you could name.

I especially liked the Spaghetti Burger, which was not as many assumed a hamburger with spaghetti on it. It was a hamburger with a dish of spaghetti on the side.

Jan’s was reasonably priced and had good service. It closed in mid-March after more than fifty years in business. We’ve lost too many of that kind of eatery.


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  • Eric G says:

    I used to work around the corner at the Beverly Connection in the late 80s early 90s and would go into Jans regularly. I can still remember the faces of the manager and waitresses. Hope all are still doing well. I probably would recognize you Nancy! It was a good restaurant with good food. The seem to recall barley soup served in a GINORMOUS bowl.. YUM! Haven’t been to the Astro – Fletcher in a while now. Maybe year or two

  • Josh A Katz says:

    Jan’s was my all time favorite diner and it was so sad to hear they closed.
    Luckily they have a sister restaurant and for those asking for a Jan’s menu, the Astro diner menu is identical. They used to have a Jan’s/Astro menu at both locations.

  • jerry mezerow says:

    looking for a menu from this restaurant. Hope you can help. Thanks.

  • Dan Zellman says:

    Our office was right down the block, and Jan’s was our spot for breakfast and lunch. Wednesday was BBQ Beef sandwich special. I would pay a lot for one right now. It reminds me of Monk’s/Tom’s in Seinfeld. We moved from LA in ’91, and I still miss it.

  • Buzzie says:

    They had probably one of the best cheeseburgers in the city. Char broiled, tasty, filling and had everything you would ever want on a burger (including thousand island dressing). I miss them dearly and will NEVER patronize the horrid Chipotle that was ‘built’ on the site after tearing down beloved Jan’s. Gone, but certainly not forgotten!

  • Asela I.Lizama says:

    As a nurse working the night shift at Cedars Sinai Medical Center nearby the Jan’s on Beverly Blvd. there were many mornings we stopped in for breakfast. The staff was friendly, the food was good and filling, but best of all was the time enjoyed with wonderful co-workers and friends, many a times decompressing and distressing from a very crazy
    shift. So it was sad for me to discover yet another one of my favorite hangouts had disappeared.Thanks Jan’s for the fond memories.

  • Stewart Ruskin says:

    My Dad was Jans Manager in the 1950’s and was there, when Gail Russell drove her car in the restaurant.
    My birth certificate states Father’s occupation:
    Manager Jans Restaurant.
    Good food and memories.

  • JS says:

    I remember the coffee shop at 3rd and Croft, but don’t remember it being a Jans. I only knew of the one on Beverly. I grew up around the corner and loved their burgers.

  • Tim Gibbons says:

    Marlene Musso — The Jan’s at 3rd and Croft was at 8445 W. 3rd Street, Phone: WE6-4464.

  • Nancy K says:

    I was a waitress there in the late ’80’s, on Beverely. Had a special fling w/a busboy, Lupy and got preggers. We decided on an adoption. That was 27 years ago. Today I’m in touch with that beautiful kid and he’s interested in tracking down his daddy! I’m desperately trying locate Gina or Ali, who worked there… and Ceilia and Hector (or George?) Or even Harry Safarris? I talked to Gina about 8 or so years ago. I think Hector is Lupy’s cousin. If anyone can help please respond! Jan’s was some kick butt serious waitress training… especially the counter on a weekend day… holy cow!!!

  • Mark Robbins says:

    We used to go to Jan’s on Beverly (didn’t even realize there were other locations) quite regularly, mostly for their broiled Australian lobster tail dinner. It was my Dad’s “go-to” coffee shop for a good meal out without getting too pricey or fancy on La Cienega’s Restaurant Row.

  • Stacy says:

    Both my parents as well as myself worked at Jans for many years. My father Frank was the manager and my mother Toby was one of the waitresses. My dad hired me as a teenager to be a cashier. I have very fond memories of Jans and the many friends the family made over years.

  • Michael L says:

    HC, that was Bob Burns that you’re thinking about at the Woodland Hills Promenade, where P.F. Chang’s is now. I went there a couple of times in the 90’s, when I lived in Woodland Hills and the Warner Center. I think they used to have live entertainment. Mostly jazz.

  • Justin says:

    My daughter grew up at Jans. All waitresses love it when we brought her first in a carriage and then walking, with all the mischief and finger wrapping grin she gave them all thru till she left for college 3 years ago. It really was a family place. Im only a few blocks away these days near the grove, and the loss of Jans to be replaced with another Chipolte and Noodle shop whatever they call it, is tragic.

    Thats why people loved going overseas before all the post 911 lunacy. England for example did not rip down its ancient castles and abbies to make for Condos, many Pubs are were they have been for over a hundred years.

    Los Angeles real estate is a cannibal that with the quick raise of a rent or purchase by a big developer, can destroy something simple but wonderful that thousands had enjoyed year after year.

    Many people enjoyed Parker and Decaprios “Great Gatsby” but how many know that F. Scott Fitzgerald lived his last years not far from Sunset and La Cienega, or that Wizard of Oz writer L. Frank Baums beautiful home Ozland use to sit where bunch of ugly old apts on Cherokee above Hollywood, North just up from Musso and Franks Grill now befoul the area. His studios use to be nearby where he created silent movies of his books.

  • Marlene musso says:

    Can someone tell me address on third street where jans was located? I worked in a building next to it or above it in early 60’s. I have never been able to find it again. If anybody has such info, please email me.marlene musso

  • HC says:

    great website- cannot think of the name of the restaurant that was in Woodland HIlls at the Promenade where PF Changs is now and also the steak house that used to be onthe BLVD near Taft HIgh School and Venutra.

  • Mike says:

    I should clarify, it was the Jan’s on Beverly Blvd that my mom took me to for breakfast. I didn’t realize they had a few other locations as well.

  • Mike says:

    My mom took me here for breakfast a few times in the late 70’s, before or after getting my haircut down the street and before dropping me off at school. Great memories!

  • Gail Ann Greminger says:

    Oops, Sandy. The Farmer’s Daughter is on Fairfax. I think you meant The Park Plaza Lodge. :)

    Jan’s was the old reliable standby for my family in the sixties. Would love to know how many bacon-wrapped filet mignons I must’ve eaten that decade. Without the slightest effort, I can conjure up the image of that steak, a baked potato and the omnipresent crab apple on a plate before me, which was preceded by a choice of soup, salad or juice. (whatever happened to the ol’ juice option?) We went there for breakfast as well. I recall it was a big deal when they purchased their first microwave and the notion of having a potato “baked” in one seemed such a wonderful, novel idea.

    Though our Jan’s of choice was the 8424 Beverly location, (even though we were within walking distance of the one in the Park Plaza Lodge) I recall stopping at the one near Normandie if we were visiting my grandmother. The only memory I have of the 3rd/Croft location is getting a double-baked potato there once and not enjoying it.

  • Will Hamblet says:

    I was interested in the fact that Jan’s & the Astro were related. Lived in Echo Park more decades than I care to admit & used to visit the Astro frequently. Didn’t know why I had ceased going there.

    At any rate, because of this entry on Jan’s & because I had just finished a test at Kaiser which required me to go foodless for 12 hours, I decided to re-visit.

    Big mistake. A flabby waffle accompanied by over-cooked bacon & washed down with coffee which tasted like it had been made the day before.

  • Sandy Samuels says:

    Jan’s on Beverly opened in 1955 or 1956. It was operated by a gentleman named Jerry Cohn and some others that had all worked at/managed VanDeKamps restaurants.

    Jan’s locations other included 3rd Street/Croft Ave, in the Farmer’s daughter motel on 3rd across from Park La Brea, Normandie/Beverly Boulevard and Theodore’s on Santa Monica near Crescent Heights. There may have been more locations; I just don’t remember.

    Also the Astro on Fletcher drive was originally part of a chain of Conrad’s coffee shops.

  • John Hindsill says:

    I do not recall this coffee shop at all, although I must have driven by it at least half a dozen times a month during much of the (19)70s. If the menu was similar to Astro’s, it seems I missed many a good lunch.

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