Tail o’ the Pup

One of the most famous structures in Los Angeles — it seemed to get in every montage of city sights — was the hot dog stand that looked like a giant hot dog. Tail o’ the Pup was built in 1946 and opened near the corner of La Cienega and Beverly Boulevards with a real, star-studded Hollywood-type gala. It was built by a man named Milton Black and its original owners were the dance team of Veloz and Yolanda. It was a way of investing their show biz earnings in something more stable. The dog, by the way, was 17 feet long and was basically a front piece that fit onto a more conventional kitchen trailer.

Around 1971, a man named Eddie Blake bought it and thereafter operated the stand with the help of his son, Dennis. Dennis eventually took over the family business and the Blakes did a pretty good job. Obviously, the novelty attracted customers but the quality of the dogs kept them coming back.

All was well until 1985 when the landlord decided to build a luxury hotel on that corner. The Blakes moved their big dog over to San Vicente. A few years later, an expansion of facilities at the nearby Cedars-Sinai Hospital displaced them again. Unable to find a suitable new location, the Blakes moved the giant frankfurter into a storage facility as they dickered for a new address. At last report, they’re still looking and they say that when they do find the right plot of ground, the big wienie will come out of storage and they’ll slap on a new coat of paint — or mustard or whatever — and set up shop.

I’ll bet they do it. The stand is too famous not to be part of the L.A. landscape once again. When they manage it, I’ll amend this item…but right now, it’s an L.A. restaurant that ain’t there no more.

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  • Maxim Shapovalov says:

    Hello, working on the story about a Tail O’The Pup and looking for pictures, memories and memorabilia. Fell free send emails to max@1933group.com. You will be invited to a grand opening and receive Tail o’the pup merchandise. Thank you.

  • Scott Lenhoff says:

    To Jeremy Goldman, I too worked at Standard Shoes in the late 70’s and enjoyed their dogs too.

  • mark says:

    Tail O’ the Pup has been sold to the 1933 Group. They plan on reopening it either in West Hollywood or Hollywood. https://la.curbed.com/2018/8/3/17635500/tail-o-the-pup-new-owner-1933-group

  • Tim says:

    Graduated Bev High in 75 and remember going to Tail O The Put a few years later and seeing my friend from senior year Bret Werburton? working there. Good memories.

  • Ron says:

    Its featured in an episode of Columbo

  • Ryan says:

    Wow such good memories. My grandfather used to live on Alfred Street one block east of La Cienega by Trashy Lingerie. Used to love walking down to the “Pup” for a hot dog and every so often a cheese burger. I remember how they used to scribble your order on the white paper plates. Good times…Good Eats.

  • Jan says:

    In 1948 I took ballet lessons from the former husband of the actress Cyd Charisse. His studio was located just few doors away from Tail O’ the Pup and after class many of us went to enjoy one of their wonderful hot dogs. Too bad it is no longer there but time did march on.

  • Richard Mann says:

    I as a gas station attendant pumping gasoline at the Richfield Service Station across the street from the Tail O The Pup. We ate there regularly. My favorite was their Deluxe Pup. They sliced the whinny down the middle and grill both sides. I met Betty Davis and Edith Head eating there. They got me hired at Western Costumes Co. Down the street. Great times in Hollywood in the 60s.

  • Marlene says:

    In the early 70’s my dad would drive my sister and me, every Friday evening, from San Clemente to Al Gilbert’s dance studio on La Cienega. Just a block away, was Tail of the Pup. What a fun place to see every time we went to dance lessons! We got such a kick out of seeing such a funny looking building and only ate there a couple of times-probably only ate dogs with catsup, mustard and relish as we were used to eating. I also remember a Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors ice cream store on the same side of the street. The street has changed so much since then but it never fails to give me pleasant memories when I drive the boulevard.

  • John Hindsill says:

    I have a picture from about 1944 of my brother, my aunt (only 4 yrs senior to me) and moi on the Beverly Park airplane ride. I would share if pictures could be added and allowed.

  • Stacy says:

    I recall that before the Beverly Center, there was a kiddy park with a Mary-go-round, a train, rides, a petting zoo, etc…
    My mom worked across the street as a waitress at the Rexall coffee shop. My older sister would take me to the kiddy park and then we would go have lunch at the coffee shop. Tail O’ the pup was a treat every now and then.

  • Candace Culp says:

    I began going to The Tail of the Pup when I was 5 years old…that was 1953!
    The hot dog with the crushed peanuts and a bottle of Delaware punch was heaven to have after my ballet class at Nico Charisse a few doors away on La Cienega. By the way, Nico, was the first husband of Cyd Charisse and was her dance mentor. And, Eddie Blake was not the originator. Actually, the dogs were prepared differently back then…grilled I believe.

  • Sandy Samuels says:

    Sorry but your history is a couple of decades short here. I do not know who the architect or builder were BUT the first owner was a man named “Roy.” There were pictures posted on site that showed him at the grand opening.

    Some time in the mid to late 50’s Roy sold out to Chris Crow and his wife who ran it for several years. The Crows were the ones who sold to Nick Veloz some time in the 60’s.

  • Adam says:
  • Justin says:

    Forget it friends. You may as well sit shiva for it, cause I dont think it will ever return. The whole area of the Beverly Park and Pony rides which included being able to see the stand without obstruction is one big FUBAR.

  • Tricia Salazar says:

    To Jim Farrell:
    My mom grew up in West Hollywood and her best friend was Sally Farrell and they were lifelong friends. Were you related?

  • Kenny Kaiser says:

    I grew up with the step sons of Dennis Blake. I went all through JR high and high school with the younger of the two who was a teen hearthrob actor and model and is now still acting on some very popular TV shows. I spent a lot of time at their house and I had been going to “The Pup” since I was a little boy. Because my Uncle went to school with Dennis and remained friends with him throughout the years. Unknowingly, when I met my friend Robert in 7th grade and learned his step grandfather -Eddie and stepdad -Denny owned The Pup I mentioned it at a family dinner and my Uncle said he was friends with Denny. The Westside sure is small when you actually grew up in LA. There hasn’t been any news on what will happen with the building that I’ve heard of in years. I do miss the stand and the memories will always be good ones for me except for the occasional family quarrel between teenage brothers and or Dennis and the boys or Eddie as commander and chief taking control of any situation. Hahahahaha
    To give you a time line, we, Robert and I, graduated from high school in 1983.

  • Adam says:
  • Mike Wood says:

    L.A. Magazine says stand will be reopened in 2016 on La Cienega !

  • Jeremy Goldman says:


  • Caren G says:

    The hot dog restaurant at Lincoln and Superba in Venice was owned by Mrs Bezo. My mom knew her daughter. I can’t remember what the real name of the stand was because we always called it Mrs Bezo’s!

  • Daniel Howe says:

    How about moving it to Venice Beach? I’m an Entrepreneur and I feel that would be a good spot, or sell it to me and I’ll install it up where I live in Northern California…..

  • Arnold Rosenthal says:

    So sorry to hear about Dennis
    Does anyone know if Eddie is still with us

  • Glenn Steinberg says:

    Mike Blake (his dad owned this joint) and I were ViCounts together….I remember hearing early Dylan songs on radio while eating there after our Tuesday club meetings….

  • Jeff Brodbeck says:

    That’s a geniune Hollywood icon. So much of Hollywood has disappeared over the past 30 years to new development. Stopped by Tail O’ the Pup for lunch many times when I was a Gasman in Hollywood.

  • Jeff Cashdollar says:

    I remember this place when I worked at the Beverly Center in the early 80’s. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I am planning on a visit to LA this fall. I was hoping to stop by and visit the stand..sorry to see it gone. Everything that is different, classic seems to just go away…Sad

  • JamieInHollywood says:

    I fondly remember this fun, little eatery and hope that one day soon it will be viable again. It would have been great if the hotel had made a place for it, (like that lady in New York who refused to move from her apartment home and the office building was built around it!) L.A. should save more of their iconic architecture. The Los Angeles Conservancy does a great job; more power to them.

  • Don Levin says:

    Back last December, Dennis Blake died in his sleep. The future of the hot dog is uncertain.

  • Bob Fenton says:

    Jim’s brother and I used to eat a dozen each.

  • van waller says:

    i saw a pbs documentry about 4am, and this place really intrested me because i love hot dogs and i hoped to visit there for my vacation this summer but from the comments im seeing on here it looks like its closed down. is that true, if so im really sad:(

  • Jim Farrell says:

    I lived in West Hollywood and had my first “Deluxe Pup” in 1946 at age 6. I was a frequent customer thereafter, especially on weekends. When I was 14 or 15 I sold papers on the corner of Beverly and La Cienega. Needless to say, some of my profits were spent on “Deluxe Pups” every afternoon. I asked the owner his secret, since I could never duplicate the taste at home. He said he boiled the dogs first, then sliced them and grilled them. Every Tuesday night is hot dog night at my house now and I prepare them the same way. In the 80’s when the new owner took over he simply boiled the dogs and served them that way. He said it was the New York style. They never tasted as good to me. Still, I was sorry to see them go.

  • Lafayette Hodges Jr says:

    Loved this place. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the Blakes. They ate related to one of my best friends and some other friends and I are trying to find him.

  • Bianca says:

    Wow! I been looking for this hot dog stand for ever! No wonder I can’t find them, drove by where it used to be and found out ,their Not there any more….Please come back I miss you, You have the Best Hot dogs !! Ever….

  • Phil says:

    Their dogs were never as good as Pinks. But I miss the building, who wouldn’t?

  • Gladitsgone says:

    While everyone thinks it should be back in business, I think otherwise. They sold me a hotdog that made my son sick. I believe that it had been sitting there because I noticed the bread was hard and they sold it anyway. My son got food poisoned by it. Keep it stored!

  • Ernest MacQuarrie says:

    I sold papers on that corner (Hearld Express) for three years before WWII started. I remember that the hot dogs had celery salt on them.

    a Hearld Express

  • Peter says:

    My first job in LA was at Cedars-Sinai in the late 70s. I went to Eddie’s for lunch all the time. Sofitel was a parking lot and the Beverly Center was vacant land.

    Best hot dog on the planet. Boston Celtic, baby!

    Took my kids there all the time, too. We were thinking about it yesterday again…….. ***sigh***.

    Come back, Dennis!! Please…………..

  • Tom says:

    I had the best star sighting there ever. This was a place that a friend and I would meet at least once a month and our order never wavered: extreme with onions and fries (g-d I’d love one right now..) We would meet at 1:30 and I was hoping my friend would not be late because sitting on the wood deck delicately munching her hot dog in a French blue dress with white lace edging and a Mercedes Landaulette limo with chauffeur at the ready was..

    Ella Fitzgerald.

    She missed her by 15 minute.

  • Bonnie says:

    Tail o’ the Pup has very fond memories for me. My very first job out of high school was at the Rexall Drug Store, right across the street from the Tail. I had the option of eating lunch in the boring company cafeteria, or going across the street to the Tail. I opted for the latter most of the time, and fondly remember their wonderful hamburgers as well as the hot dogs. There was a very handsome young man who worked there and I believe I had quite a crush on him at the time, never did find out if he was the owner’s son.

  • Joseph says:

    It’s also flying through the air in “LA Story”, as I recall. And later, two characters eat at it.

    I heard once that it was filmed flying through the air because they happened to be shooting on a day when it had to be moved.

  • Craig Printup says:

    There was a hot dog stand at the corner of Lincoln and Superba in Venice that looked exactly like this. My grandmother used to take me there to eat in the late 50’s/early 60’s. At some point, they cut the plaster hot dog ends off and tried to make it look like a ‘normal’ building. There is still a restaurant there, the Great Western Steak and Hoagie Co. If you study pictures of it now, you can see the remains of the hot dog bun part of the stand, surrounded by an enclosed waiting area and some out buildings. Does anyone have any idea if it was run by the same people, or just another cool L.A. place in the shape of something?

  • Tim Stewart says:

    Ate there once, NEVER AGAIN. Nice build though.

  • Dave Pineroache says:

    Does anyone know how to contact the Blakes? Thanks, Dave

  • Todd says:

    Do you have a website for tail O’the pup and are they selling t-shirts and other merchandise? I’m in NY and will go here when I’m out in LA next time and I’d love to order atleast a t-shirt….I have over 30 hotdog stand t-shirts now…

  • William says:

    I remember Tail o’ the Pup back in the mid-80’s when it was on the west side of San Vicente, north of Beverly Blvd. (and north of the overwelming Beverly Center). The hot dogs were always great, but more important, it was an important part of L.A. that I will never forget! Thank you again for this website, it brings back great memories! William

  • john clifton says:

    Hi all of you out there i been going to tail o pup for 46 years i miss a great hot dog please come back . My new boy is three and i want him to have a place to take hes son buy the way my girl 30 buy for now

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