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Much of this weblog has been joyously devoted to one of my favorite now-defunct places to eat…Woody’s Smorgasburger.  Many former employees have chimed in to create a weblogged history of the chain, and the most vocal and interesting has been Phil Ankofski.  Recently, Phil sent me some photos of a diorama he has lovingly built of the Woody’s I most often frequented, the one in Culver City.  I’ll be posting Phil’s photos here along with some other pics he’s contributed, and I’m sure he’ll be along to offer commentary.  Please join in.  Here’s the first pic he sent of his remarkable reconstruction…


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  • Dave Pearlman says:

    Wasn’t there one on Topanga ?? Thanks, Dave

  • Chris Pingel says:

    Joe Nolte from the Last did work for me there at the El Segundo Woodys. He was a great person to know.

  • Mark Husar says:

    Hello Evan Zang,
    I am getting back to the threads and noticed your reference to my short story. There were definitely good times there at Woody’s and we all grew up in a great time!
    I can see your face, covered in ice cream topping goo in my mind clearly to this day. You reacted with such humor and grace to the situation that it changed my way of life and how i would handle issues in the future.
    Remember my brother, Jim…68 VW bug and lived down on prospect and Avenue B? we would occasionally end up at your place having a beer and playing guitar. Yes, you were good! My father often commented on your drum work and snapping sticks in half. You played hard!
    You gave me a ride in the Europa. It changed my life! I went on to Cobra mustangs, Shelby cobra and other fast cars.
    Thanks for that ride!! Mark

  • Mitchell says:

    I lived a few blocks from Woody’s in El Segundo and recall there were some members of a punk band called The Last who worked there. This was the late 70s and early 80s. Miss the Matterhorn burger at Woody’s.

  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:

    Ha…don’t think I ever had a cup of coffee http://tinyurl.com/oh32udg , but am feeling like a cup of hot chocolate with scoops of gooey marshmallow from the DIY Sundae Bar!

  • Phil Ankofski says:

    Wednesday ~

    Woody’s General Rule ;

    Illegal drug use or possession is prohibited. If an employee reports for work and is under the influence, he will be sent home and under probation.
    If the individual commits a second drug related infraction, he will be terminated immediately.
    No Master type locks will be permitted in our changing rooms.
    This rule is in place as we will not allow our restaurants to be safe havens for
    an employee’s drug stash. Only clothing items are to be stored in lockers.

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