The Hogie Hut

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The best submarine sandwiches in town used to come from a place called The Hogie Hut which was located near (not on) the Southeast corner of La Cienega and 3rd Street.  I lived about a block away for a while so I was often in there having the meatball sub, which was quite delicious and filling.  Half of one could feed you for a day but alas, meatball sandwiches don’t keep well.  There never seemed to be any point taking half home so I’d always overeat, stuffing down a half more than I really wanted.

Their house special was a thing called the Godfather, which was quite an array of Italian cold cuts, lettuce, tomato and provolone.  All of their sandwiches were available in lengths of three feet and above for parties but the manager there told me once that most people who bought by the yard ordered the Godfather.  He told me this as his staff was wheeling out the components of one that would look like it was eight feet long at some party.  Of course, it was really eight foot-long sandwiches lined up and cut into two-inch segments.

I was surprised when this place went away.  It seemed like an institution there on Third Street, right across from the Souplantation.  There were times I’d be sitting in the Souplantation eating soup and healthier fare, looking out the window and thinking how nice a big meatball sub, bulging with meatballs and dripping cheese and marinara sauce would be.

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